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Food Crisis Solved By Unexpected Saviour

Had a terrible shock in Shenzhen earlier this year when the food hall in Lo Wu Shopping Centre closed down with little or no warning. Then I remembered a comment from wise shopper Andrew and now almost everything is almost … Continue reading

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Don’t Kill Cantonese

Four years ago thousands of people demonstrated for Cantonese in Guangzhou. Meanwhile the mainland government (aided and abetted by the HK one and Hong Kong and mainland people are hard at work trying to eradicate the Cantonese language.

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Healing Properties of Chinese Food

Of all the things that happened in Australia, the below was definitely the most spiritual:

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Crap Western Food

I hate so-called western food in China. They just can’t do it, so stop trying. And people who travel with me to the mainland, stop trying to entice me to the “western” restaurant in the hotel! No good can come … Continue reading

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Yep, I play the banjo now. Ish. It all started like this: I have to say though, I find it extremely puzzling why the sub-editor at a reputable paper like the South China Morning Post would change the last sentence … Continue reading

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Fantastic Good News For Once

Who says the Chinese don’t care about animals? This is an email I just received from DuoDuo animal welfare organisation on the mainland (all photos DuoDuo): “Aug 5, 2014 — I have some great news to share with you! On … Continue reading

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What Are The CHANCES!!!

I’ve just come back from an incredibly fun and satisfying trip to Australia – thank you Lydia without whom not even a sixth of the joy would have been possible! And thank you for introducing me to James Boag (Jimsee … Continue reading

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Australia The Beautiful

So we’re cruising down the road in Annandale in Sydney, and I see this sign. At first I didn’t get it but then I realised Ah! It is your famous Australian humour! and say to my friend L: We must … Continue reading

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Marching For Canto

Yesterday was July 1st, what was meant to be a good opportunity for Hong Kong people to worship at the altar of the mainland, thanking its kind government for rescuing us from the slimy claws of those Limeys. Instead it … Continue reading

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Insanerator #1,000… This Time With Plan For Action

Our not always easy to understand government seems to be dead set on this incinerator thing. Needing to “spread the pollution around” they want to build a toxin-spewing monster right outside Pui O Beach, assuring us that “there will be … Continue reading

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