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Don’t Kill Cantonese

Four years ago thousands of people demonstrated for Cantonese in Guangzhou. Meanwhile the mainland government (aided and abetted by the HK one and Hong Kong and mainland people are hard at work trying to eradicate the Cantonese language.

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Healing Properties of Chinese Food

Of all the things that happened in Australia, the below was definitely the most spiritual:

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Crap Western Food

I hate so-called western food in China. They just can’t do it, so stop trying. And people who travel with me to the mainland, stop trying to entice me to the “western” restaurant in the hotel! No good can come … Continue reading

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Adding Time

Noticed how Hong Kong and mainland China’s governments are growing closer and closer? The only difference is that HK’s one pretends to have “public consultations” before they go ahead and spend taxpayers’ money on some new white elephant du jour. … Continue reading

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I Hate Hotpot

Like, really hate. Like when I see or smell it, I run screaming from the room.

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Still Living in Hainan

It’s been two months since I came back from Hainan but I still can’t quite let it go! Loved that island. Except the betel nut juice that is…

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Christmas In China II, a Photo Odyssey

There are streets full of Christmas decorations of various…accuracy. But all self-respecting hotel lobbies have a saxophone-playing Santa Claus with wildly gyrating hat. Room party in the hotel before going to Youth Disco The party at Youth Disco gets underway

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Powering On

Before leaving Hong Kong I was a little concerned that we wouldn’t be able to find proper Sichuan food (after all, two towns in Guangdong province suffer from this most terrible affliction: A lack of Sichuan restaurants) but fortunately on … Continue reading

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Christmas In China

Is going stronger than ever. In Haikou, capital of Hainan Province (Island) for example, there’s a whole street dedicated to Christmas paraphernalia including two life-size plush horses – or should that be donkeys? Hopping, wriggling, saxophone-playing Santa Clauses are everywhere … Continue reading

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China’s Southernmost Province

Why are the Chinese so fascinated with rocks? This specimen is longer than me, just sitting there in an exhibition room in a park in Guangzhou, Tea Art something or other where the yam cha charged minimum 25 yuan per … Continue reading

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