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Insanerator #1,000… This Time With Plan For Action

Our not always easy to understand government seems to be dead set on this incinerator thing. Needing to “spread the pollution around” they want to build a toxin-spewing monster right outside Pui O Beach, assuring us that “there will be … Continue reading

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Yellow River – Blue Grass

Cantonese and bluegrass go together like beer and Sichuan food. It all started in Hainan last Christmas when I met some 86 year-old-geezers playing the saxophone near the beach. One of them had started only two years earlier and he … Continue reading

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Become A Film Star- Save Our Coastline!

石鼓洲焚化爐 (sek gu chau fan fa lou) – Sek Gu Chau Incinerator – is an expression that strikes terror into the heart of Lantau and Cheung Chau dwellers and should actually do the same to all Hong Kong residents. If … Continue reading

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Journey To The Wild West

Or, as it turned out, the very civilised, nearly sedate West. I bet the people in it didn’t think they’d find themselves in a video with Glenn Beck!

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Get The Hell Into Dodge

I screamed (in a controlled, sedate way) when S said our next stop would be Dodge. What, you mean Dodge City from Gunsmoke?!? Oh glory! The place didn’t disappoint. The first thing I saw when crawled into the city in … Continue reading

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The Culture

I can’t begin to think how weird it must be to be American, and absolutely everywhere you go, people speak your language and know your culture and history inside out. At least some of it. I feel that although 98% … Continue reading

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Mister Public Security Uncle and the Freedom Clock

So this plan of mine to eat my way through all the Chinese restaurants in the USA is kind of almost working out. A little. I think I’ll be able to do about 90%, including rest stops. (I’m on a … Continue reading

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Cool Yule!

I’m posting a Christmas Extravaganza from Yules of yore, wishing everybody a beautiful, fun and meaningful Christmas.

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Lest We Forget

Today I did something I for some reason have never done before: Went to the Cenotaph in Central to watch the Remembrance Day ceremony. It was beautiful, solemn and dignified, and lots of people had turned out; everyone from former … Continue reading

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Down With Simplified Characters

The simplified characters menace is growing. Businesses all over Hong Kong are falling over themselves to accommodate mainlanders only, showing in a not very subtle manner that they’re not interested in local customers: by using only simplified, ‘crippled’ characters. Only … Continue reading

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