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Friendly Fire From Former Friends

Like so many others of my age group, class and education level, I used to be a diehard screaming radical lefty, but in a nice way. I had a picture of Mao on my wall and thought it was really … Continue reading

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Thanking and Trying To Give

Today is thanksgiving, and like every year I wish I was an American today, sitting around a huge table groaning with turkey and what not, telling people how thankful I am because they are in my life. It’s such a … Continue reading

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Before and After Breivik, Part 1

I’m so, so glad I don’t live in Norway anymore so I don’t have to see the smirking loser Breivik’s face splashed across the front page of every newspaper day in and day out. The trial continues apace, with Breivik … Continue reading

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Hong Kong and Norway – Almost Identical?

So I have this new book, right? Don’t Joke on the Stairs (available from and Dymocks etc) In it, I describe how Norway and China are almost identical. Both are situated on the edge of a continent. The inhabitants … Continue reading

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Christmas in Norway. Is It Even Allowed Anymore?

We Nogs (Norwegians) don’t call Christmas ‘Christmas’ but ‘jul’, an ancient word that some scholars say is based on the word ‘wheel’ (the wheel of life or the year), others on old Odin, the chief god before Christianity thundered in. … Continue reading

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A Terrible Stain on Norway’s Conscience

It is with great shame I admit that I have lived my whole life without knowing that I had a living history book in my midst. My uncle Egil was on board a ship in Norway’s merchant fleet when the … Continue reading

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Save A Buffalo Today

It’s time I posted this again; my first real documentary shot not three minutes’ walk from my house. Various villagers and organisations are starting to grumble about cattle again. The main peeve seems to be “they walk across the road … Continue reading

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Flog Flog Flog Your Book Gently Down The Stream

So I have this book, right? Don’t Joke On The Stairs. The title is based on a sign I saw in Gansu once, in the staircase of a language school. “Avoid the exchange of jokes while using the stairs, and … Continue reading

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See No Truth Hear No Truth

So I’m in sunny Norway (no, really! It’s bright blue and yellow here) and the newspapers are full of how great islam is and how it can enrich the Norwegian way of life with honour killings and hand cuttings. Hey … Continue reading

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Well And Truly Launched

So yesterday was the launch of my new book Don’t Joke On The Stairs. It’s about the stuff in the film above, and more. It has a glossary for easy travel in China and some snide historical references. It completely … Continue reading

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