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Koldbrann – A Giant Boiled Sweetie

When I first met Koldbrann, he was stand-offish. A village dog who had spent his first two and a half years on a leash, never running, never playing, and, of course, never in the vicarious presence of one Cesar Millan … Continue reading

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Goodnight, Sweet Prince

A Piles-less house is not a good house. Rest in peace, my good and faithful dude.

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Football With Dogs – A Mug’s Game

So I got back from a long and semi-deserved holiday to find a fat dog (Piles). The people looking after him and my gaff had taken “don’t overdo the exercise in the heat” to the limit by seemingly not exercising … Continue reading

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Become a Buffalomentalist!

Amid the murder and chaos in my home country I thought I should escape for a while, out to the wetlands of Pui O, home of the mighty water buffalo. Kidding, it took weeks to make this film. I hope … Continue reading

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Away From Luddite World!

It’s happening! I’m upgrading my website so you can download films and podcasts. There will be two long videos to begin with, and the above is the ‘for total beginners’ one. One hour and 14 minutes of erudite information. … Continue reading

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Fog the Fogseeable Future

Yesterday morning I woke up to this whiteness. I love fog. Everything seems so mysterious and otherworldly. The more awful aspects of sleepy backwater Pui O are mercifully hidden and I feel myself transported to a place beyond time – … Continue reading

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Perfect Weather Conditions

I was just walking down to the beach the other morning thinking that life is sometimes unbearably dull, when this fog came hurtling out of nowhere. It started with a kind of white blanket hovering just above the ground, but … Continue reading

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Hoarse, Braying Laughter

Thanks to everyone who enquired about Piles my dog’s health: Just two days after his last blood-squirting (from rectum) he was back to normal – better than normal in fact. It seemed the poisoning or whatever it was had worked … Continue reading

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Sick, Boy! Piles’ Journey from Bulimia to Anorexia

A few months ago I wrote happily about how I had cured Piles my dog from the fur-losing allergy he had developed to crap dried dog food. A diet of pork, broccoli, carrots with a sprinkling of garlic gave him … Continue reading

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The Bluest Day of the Year

I swear this hasn’t been photoshopped! Just put the camera on “vivid.” What a day. I like this blue stuff. And Pui O delivers the goods as usual. And so does the po-po (grandmother) above. 85 years old, eyes white … Continue reading

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