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Farewell, Naked Cantonese. Now For Something Completely!

href=””> SO! That was the end of Naked Cantonese. Four years of laughter and tears, trying not to say “crap” on live radio, trials and tribulations, toilets and twits. Although I’ve only ever listened to one of the programmes – … Continue reading

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The End of Naked Cantonese

It is with great sadness I must inform our irate but faithful listeners that Poddie Castie number 200 is soon coming up, and that it will herald the end of Naked Cantonese as we know it. It’s been four years … Continue reading

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Welllllll-come Hiring Talking Muzak Artist! People with normal enunciation need not apply

There’s a NEW JOBopeningat WELL-come!!! APP-licantsmustpossessanin CREDibleaBILitytoputthestressonthe WRONG wordinthe SENtenceandSOUND likeatotal PLONker!!!! ENJOY shoppingat WELL-come! Or ELSE! I remember the days when I found muzak in supermarkets irritating. Muzak anywhere, really, especially Kenny G. But with the wall of talking … Continue reading

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How Long Do I Have To Suffer For Having Been Born?

Norway. A freezing hellhole on the outskirts of the known world, a country whose entire population can fit into a good-sized swimming pool. So I was born there. So what? I’m not there now. And I haven’t been for almost … Continue reading

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Not Chinglish, not Manglish, just Badlish

I’ve just finished reading a highly amusing but also scary book by John Humphrys called Lost For Words, about “the mangling and manipulating of the English language.” The same day I chuckling read the last lines, this job advert from … Continue reading

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A Brush With Death

And here at last, it was: The mysterious hermit kingdom: North Korea in all its pollution-less splendour. This photo is taken from the top turret or whatever it’s called, of a Great Wall that I didn’t even know existed before … Continue reading

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Will Anybody Stop These Insane Vandals?

Just when you thought the clinically insane Hong Kong government couldn’t do any more damage to the already wrecked city (the demise of the Star Ferry and Queen Piers, the decision to cover the entire Central waterfront with a six … Continue reading

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Nokia Rocks

People are so fickle and never satisfied. I used to complain about my Nokia mobile because of its awful graphics (I don’t want to look at pictures of insanely smiling cartoons, I just want to make calls) and the fact … Continue reading

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