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Healing Properties of Chinese Food

Of all the things that happened in Australia, the below was definitely the most spiritual:

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Suddenly I’m in … New York?!?

… and this is the view from my bedroom window! Guess what, in New York you can bring dogs everywhere, even to the bank: There are water bowls for dogs absolutely everywhere, and a place we stopped for tea even … Continue reading

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Friendly Fire From Former Friends

Like so many others of my age group, class and education level, I used to be a diehard screaming radical lefty, but in a nice way. I had a picture of Mao on my wall and thought it was really … Continue reading

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Islam: Free Choice For Women All Round (By Becoming A Non-Person)

What, you thought I’d swung around Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, of an afternoon? Or perhaps sashayed back to the year 700? No, this photo was taken in Wan Chai two days ago. That was only a few minutes after I had … Continue reading

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Before and After Breivik, Part 1

I’m so, so glad I don’t live in Norway anymore so I don’t have to see the smirking loser Breivik’s face splashed across the front page of every newspaper day in and day out. The trial continues apace, with Breivik … Continue reading

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Paying for Your Own Annihilation

A couple of Sundays ago, April 15th to be exact, I threw a Titanic party and felt the usual fare, Sichuan food, wouldn’t do to commemorate the tragedy. We needed dairy and salmon. Off I trotted to the Wellcome Shop … Continue reading

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To Boldly and Stupidly Go

On Ching Ming I continued my chronicling of the coastline of Hong Kong Island for my video Conquering Hongkie, and boldly went etc. with my faith-and skillful camerawoman L. And verily, the coastline is full of surprises when one cares … Continue reading

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Boycott Anything Jewish, Including…

While his brother in arms and fellow relentlessly logical ideologue Ahmadinejad waits fervently for the 12th imam to arrive and take the world apart, Iranian chief dude Ali Khamenei is busy keeping the anti-Israel, well, anti Jewish, really, sentiments alive. … Continue reading

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Douglas Murray: A Total Star

Have you heard of Douglas Murray before? Well, now you have, and you should spread this video. One of the most fiercely brilliant orators in Europe and one of the most astute minds; if only a few dozen geezers in … Continue reading

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12th Imam Imminent

It’s normal nowadays that any criticism of islam or even truthful reports of what’s happening in islamic countries of murder and mayhem carried out in the name of Allah, are ridiculed, swept under the carpet or just dismissed as “conspiracy … Continue reading

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