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Home, Home And Arrange

Ah! Back in Pui O where the deer and the … buffalo …? I keep forgetting those songs from primary school. There’s a reason for that. Yes it’s good to be home for one reason: In Hong Kong I never … Continue reading

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Bye bye Beijing

Beijijng in winter – what a sight. Everything is one to one and a half colours and in the early morning a fairytale-like haze hangs over the eight lane highways and massive new shopping centers. I have to admit I’m … Continue reading

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Cold Cold and Cold

But not too cold to rush out this morning at 7 to try to get some good shots around the Forbidden City before everybody got there. I managed that. Not everybody was there, only about 89% of China’s population, with … Continue reading

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Cow Year In Beijing

My first Chinese New Year in the capital in search of the Beijing Olympics and guess what: Everything’s closed! How dare they take a day off. Today, new year’s day (again) we had to have lunch at a GERMAN restaurant. … Continue reading

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Fish Flu

I am now going to plug shamelessly my own Cantonese course again – and that on my own blog! This episode actually happened to me, more or less. Don’t try this at home though! I’ve found that if you want … Continue reading

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My blog!!! My blooooooooggggggg!!!!!

Didn’t know it was possible to miss an inanimate object which gives me mostly grief, so much. I won’t even waste time writing about why the blog’s been missing for three days, but a certain domain provider in Hong Kong … Continue reading

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Barack’s Big Break

Is anyone else lightly fatigued with Obama mania? The US has become so very insignificant except still being good at killing people in other countries and starting economic recessions, and yet the whole world acts as if this Obama thing … Continue reading

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The Lovely West

Here’s my first documentary. Part 2 and 3 are to be found close by, at

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Another One Shites On Toast

I’m running out of places. Is every single restaurant in Hong Kong now in on this stealing thing and how can it possibly benefit them in the long run? (I know. “This is Hong Kong” and people here are very … Continue reading

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I Want To Live In Victoria

Yeah. remind me: Where in Hong Kong is this again? I’m not saying I know absolutely every single nook – or cranny – in our green and pleasant city, but I think I would probably have noticed if this … … Continue reading

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