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Road Rage

About a week ago I made a deal with myself to wait at least a week before I wrote anything negative about the Hong Kong government. And certainly before I used any such word as moron, plonker etc. in connection … Continue reading

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The Insects Are Taking Over The Asylum

The last couple of days, or rather, 24 hours, have seen some insect related incidents; too many to be coincidence, too serious to be ignored. It all started yesterday morning when I went to the roof to hang up some … Continue reading

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I Love Lantau I love Pui O

It’s February in Pui O … and also July? Scary. But on a day like this, sun burning burning, sky sparkling sparkling, even birds squeaking squeaking it’s easy to forget all worries. And on a day like this, to live … Continue reading

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For Your Own Safety

Here’s the staircase from my living room up to the mezzanine kitchen. (Tiles laid by me, a keen mason.) Last Saturday I had a party on the roof, and as usual some people expressed concern over the lack of banister … Continue reading

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The Law Must Go On

This was a difficult episode to film, as huge trucks kept parking and offloading stuff in the exact spot we were filming, ruining the blood. To say nothing of Shenzhen where we were of course kicked out by security. I … Continue reading

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Top Gear, Bottom Expanding

Wrooom! Went to see the Top Gear geezers yesterday, mainly to hear if Jeremy Clarkson’s voice is the way I imagined it after reading his books and articles. It is! Deep, nasal, probably public school but trying to hide it. … Continue reading

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Great Wardrobe Advice

Last week I read the Sunday Times again. In the Style section there was one of those silky smooth and shiny skin (or something) specialists. She said that the fastest way to perfect skin (or something) was to go into … Continue reading

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Vexing, Stupid or Plain Idiotic?

Hoi, hoi, dear readers. I know I have posted the above segment before, but bear with me. I’m going to make a 15 minute short film based loosely on this theme – how things like flying kites on the beach, … Continue reading

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Dog’s Best Friend

It struck me when I got back from Shenzhen yesterday: My best friend is now an animal. Who else looks at me like this? By the way, this is not Piles, who occasionally greets me with a curt nod, but … Continue reading

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Shenzhen Revisited

Shenzhen, and more particularly the mighty Bense Bar is still so bloody great! I keep forgetting about the closest holiday destination of Hong Kong in my relentless search for ever further away spots in China. Yesterday was of course, puke … Continue reading

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