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Love is a Many-Splattered Thong

Love falls as easily on a turd as on a lily, as we say in Norwegian. But has ah-Mok really deserved to be loved by such a vulnerable and virginal female cousin on the mother’s side? We’ll never know, as … Continue reading

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Somebody Else’s Video!!!!!

Because it’s Friday I decided to do a good deed and let somebody else’s video on my blog for a change. Watch and watch out! When I see and read about what’s happening in Europe, I’m happy to live under … Continue reading

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“Why” the “Inverted” Commas?

  Language is under constant attack but then it probably always has been. And I suppose “under attack” isn’t the right term – English seems to be thriving to the point that some of the people using it have turned … Continue reading

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Return of the Cantonese Fundamentalists

We put the FUN back in mental!

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The Power of One. One Little Revengeful Prick.

The Forum, Exchange Square, Hong Kong. Until last month one of the few places in the city where it’s possible to sit outside without swallowing the outpourings of ten thousand bus and car engines with your coffee. High above the … Continue reading

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In Bed With Bruno

The thing about being ill but not too ill to keep your eyes open is that you inevitably turn to your “DWD” collection for intellectual sustenance. My week of SVINE flu was no exception: I finally had to succumb to … Continue reading

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Revenge of the Scandi-avian Flu

O – oh, I’m an avian/I’m a Scandinavian, I’m a flu victim in Hong Kong … So ill …. quack quack … ill… Quack quack. Or indeed, oink! Don’t know if it was bird or pig flu I had this … Continue reading

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Everyday Exercises

Strolling up Star street, no, Square street, on Friday night, I saw a man with a good idea for getting some exercise into his daily life: Running with shopping. Yeah, holding four  Wellcome bags (price, $2)full of stuff, he legged … Continue reading

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From The Depths Of The Arsehole of Despair

You know I seldom give advice. OK, always. But I seldom give “shopping tips” and “beauty tips” (except never have facial hair) But now I feel compelled to give not only a piece of BEAUTY ADVICE but a … well, … Continue reading

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National Day Extravaganza

Woo-hoo! 60 years of glory and the commies are going at it hammers and tongs. Nowhere is the excitement at the world’s greatest milestone-reaching more palpable than in sleepy backwater Pui O, where local villagers have erected three huge posters … Continue reading

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