A Charming Reminder from the Religion of Peace:

I’d like to think that at least some of the people occasionally reading my blog are what I and a couple of other people “like me” should be counted as “people like us.” What do I mean by that expression, that presumption? Something like: “People who just want to go about their lives undisturbed by nutjobs, killers and other headbangers who want to destroy everything in their path.”

Is it too much to ask: Now that we westerners and other western AND eastern-minded people, who have finally thrown off the shackles of idiotic Catholicism, Protestantism, Communism and all the other -isms plaguing the last century and the centuries before; feudalism, slavery, bondage and terrorism, that we can finally live in peace and prosperity?

I don’t think so. It shouldn’t be too much to ask. But NO! Says the headbanger above. This guy used to be “one of us.” American born and bred, growing up on cornflakes and TV series. NO, he says. People who follow the “religion of peace” must show that they follow it by attacking normal people going to or from work; mothers picking up their children from school, fathers going to the gym, teenagers going to each other’s houses to listen to music.

Those are the people this ridiculous throwback to the middle ages wants to attack, to kill.

I’m still trying to get my head around why people, ostensibly like me in outlook and upbringing, would choose to spend their every waking hour attacking me for saying we must defend ourselves against this kind of very influential person, rather than attacking him.

He is the enemy, OK? Not me.

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3 Responses to A Charming Reminder from the Religion of Peace:

  1. crow says:

    I have often pondered this, too.
    Clearly you are not a left-winger, and this can be a problem.
    Many people are, and thus: have no allegiance, no critical faculties, no tolerance and no honor.
    Don’t expect the support of your own people.
    And be prepared to suffer for your honesty.
    As the law now stands, in England:
    The Truth is no defense.

    But it’s not all bad:
    Okay: it IS all bad.

  2. Anazei says:

    I personally believe that the Islamic faith cannot be entirely blamed for their cultural differences and violence as human nature by itself is extremely controversial and violent to begin with.

    Through years of service, I’ve seen the subtle internal changes within the military over the past decade as it has grown from simply pointing the finger at a general enemy and telling everyone where to shoot to trying to understand the core reasoning and fundamental values of why these events are happening in order to put an end to this staggering international conflict growing more uncontrollable with every passing year.

    Having said that, in my life experiences through the events I have witnessed, I have become a pessimistic realist with no optimistic hope whatsoever for any idealistic values humanity currently presents including the failing social experiment we call democracy nor the authoritarian regimes that surround our light of democracy.

    We don’t have to compare the merits of a certain nation that champions democracy and capitalism against any authoritarian regime as it is already evident that it is driven by a military and prison industrial complex where the same government that is supposed to protect its citizens first instead fill its ranks with those who have a vested interest in furthering their own corporate objectives, managing it with an authoritarian police force empowered by the public’s perception of fear, real or perceived as well as the widespread discrimination that exists at all levels.

    When social philosophers first wrote of the idealistic merits of democracy, capitalism, socialism or communism, they forgot to factor into account the behaviours of human nature. As man is flawed by design through his capability for immorality, ready desires and his ability to be easily corruptible, their idealistic utopias are but a distant dream that will never be realized by the human race.

    Violence has simply been ingrained into all human cultural values and it exists from all sides of the conflict. From the side of the west, the media constantly promotes fear mongering through the news and violence through entertainment. We have become an easily misled people believing anything the government tells us because very few of us have the ability to truly experience the alternate reality. The west has become too obsessed with a warrior culture that promotes violence through competitive gladiatorial events like UFC, casual violence in video games and action movies that glorify bloodshed.

    Similarly without compromise, the cultures of the Middle East have become too obsessed with the preservation of strength, honour and social status while looking down upon those seen as weaker than themselves and retaliating against those who insult their honour lest they fear being mistaken as weak. The fog covered proportion of just against moral right has become completely incomprehendable as the Koran is reinterpreted to suit the cultural worship of strength.

    This entire conflict as a battle between ideologies, religion and military might simply did not begin when two planes crashed into New York but the roots go much deeper in history. By simple blaming the shortcomings of an entire religion, we are also overlooking the centuries of tension between the different cultures from the time before Christianity and Islam even existed when the Persian king Xerses attempted to invade Europe through Greece. We’re overlooking the period of the various crusades and its individual histories dictated by the various religious factions or foreign military occupation and colonialism by European powers as they plundered the wealth of the conquered, divided peoples, cultures and borders.

    Nobody would want to live in a cultural climate that only promises constant war, pain and suffering, restricted personal freedom or constant fear but that is effectively the reality of the state we are living in whether we realize it or not.

    I believe that we should stop blaming Islam, stop campaigning to save the world from all the lack of human rights and unjust evil that exists and begin to look inwards at our own self preservation just as the Romans did when they made the decision to withdraw from Northern Europe. There are arguments that the collapse of the Roman empire was caused by the overstretching of their thin military defenses and weakened by internal corruption so that there was barely any resistance by the time of the barbarian invasions.

    The Romans promoted the philosophy that Pax Romana could not exist as long as there were unpacified barbarians at their ever expanding borders and that their borders would not end until it stretched from one ocean to the other ocean under the rule of a single empire. There are historical parallels in our ideals through our crusades to right human wrongs around the world and the sometimes incorrect justifications used to begin these crusades.

    We should look beyond a simple answer of just pointing fingers at an entire religion and work towards understanding and cooperation. Though man may never stop being violent in his nature, as long as the world stays obsessed with the worship of strength and warrior culture values, world peace will never be achieved either. Simpler said than done, we can begin by changing our own cultural values where shortcomings exist to eradicate greed, corruption and violence as the first step yet I bear witness to living history as we try to make these changes through the rise of forward minded politicians who stand for the people but are being overridden by a deteriorating system riddled with holes and alternative values.

    God help us all.

  3. crow says:

    Nero, fiddling while Rome burns…
    Now, where was that nice, comfortable fence I was sitting on?

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