Death Trap

After I got my dog Piles, I made the seamless leap from that awful term ‘cat person’ to the slightly less awful ‘dog person’. No contest! But it doesn’t mean I think cats shouldn’t be allowed to live too. Even in sleepy backwater Pui O, which has a long stretch of straight road unusual for the South Lantau Road, and don’t those drivers use the opportunity to step on the pedal there.

Home to two primary schools, untold dogs and the unfortunate cat in the photo above (yes it’s dead, not just pining for the fjords) the Pui O part of said road is a death trap. My landlords live just where I stood to take the photo, and in the nine years I’ve managed to keep just the one dog, they’ve gone through at least five, all killed by insensitive traffic.

The worst culprits as always are hot-blooded young dudes in their souped-up cars. But the middle-aged whiteys living in Cheung Sha, Tong Fuk and Seoi Hao are not far behind, thundering through Pui O at 60 or 70 km an hour of a morning in their SUVs, (the speed limit is 30) gagging to get to the ferry pier on time. Just as the children – or should I say their children – are going to school, in fact.

Complaining to the police has worked the following wonders: Zero. They occasionally set up shop just at the place where most (but not all, it has to be said) drivers start slowing down again, warning everybody with police vans and uniformed coppers that a speed trap is coming up.

I understand that speed bumps have been showed to be a nuisance elsewhere. But for whom? Oh … let me think … oh yes. Drivers.

As much as I support other people’s rights to do what they please, I think killing children on their way to (or from) school shouldn’t be one of them. Today a cat. Tomorrow your son.

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One Response to Death Trap

  1. gweipo says:

    people drive themselves in Lantau? gosh. I’ll have to tell my kids we’re not the ONLY people in HK without a driver.

    On a more serious note, I do get your point. I’ve been itching to take my video camera to my kids school and film the pick up and drop off time. You won’t believe the lengths drivers go to to get their little brats as close to the entrance as possible.
    My video will have the voice over telling the story about the kid my age in the 70′s who was killed crossing a street where countless people nagged the authorities for a pedestrian crossing. The crossing came after one of a pair of twins was killed crossing the road. And that was 30 odd years ago when there was less traffic and the traffic moved a lot slower (remember the oil crisis?).

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