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Hi people, everybody everywhere!

Don’t know if I have mentioned it before but I recently published a new book, see above. If you like this blog, you will also find the book to your liking, but longer and a better weapon as it weighs a lot. Ah, all those pages! It so happens that I have a few books sitting here at home, and will be happy to send you one for a small fee. In fact it’s only HK$120 plus shipping.

I’ll email you a PayPal invoice and off we go! Of course I’ll sign it in blood.

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11 Responses to Support Your Local Authors

  1. Ah Laan says:

    I want one! (Or two, or three… Then I’ve got my Christmas shopping done!)

  2. LITMK says:

    I’d love one! But will you add a little personalized message for me? ;-P

    • cecilie says:

      Of course. I’ll write anything you want me to. I’ll do ANYTHING to sell my book. But apparently it is rather un-boring; I’m getting irate calls from husbands whose wives wake them up to read out passages from the book at 4AM.

  3. Steve says:

    Wait- didn’t I take that photo of you on the back cover?!

    • cecilie says:

      Yes, I told Pete to credit you. Didn’t he?

      • Steve says:

        No idea! I haven’t gotten my FREE COPY yet! Hehe.

        • cecilie says:

          In this life, there’s no such thing as a free copy. There is only pain, suffering and Amazon. No, but if you buy it from me (i’ll send you a paypal invoice) I’ll give you a photographer’s discount, how is that?

          • Steve says:

            Great- and never mind the discount- was kidding! That trip was a memory I will never forget (and thank goodness there are photos! and videos!). How do I make payment through PayPal?

          • cecilie says:

            I will send you a PayPal invoice. Yes people, it really is that easy! As long as I have your email address, I’ll shoot off a payPal invoice and … I suppose gravity? does the rest! Steve, do you also want Going Native (Cantonese The Movie part 2)? It’s Cantonese not for beginners, two hours of travelling around China and the world, seeing the Canto in moving pictures, plus a little bit of explanation by me.

  4. Hom says:

    Yes Sagunto, quite right about Pat Condell’s slip here.Some other reader above tries to eixalpn this as Condell’s need to be careful, given the UK’s hypersensitivity about such issues.Does that eixalpn it? Or does Condell really believe in the viable existence of the “moderate Muslim”? These same questions have been asked about Robert Spencer, who in other ways shows various soft spots for Islam (he refuses to condemn “Islam” and refuses to proudly own the description of being “anti-Islam”) and for Muslims. And the same defenses and explanations are trotted out for him as well: he’s really as tough as we are, but he can’t say it outright, he has to watch himself, or the PC MC Thought Police will shut him down; etc. (I also recall similar explanations by which to save George “Islam is a great religion of peace” Bush.)I don’t buy these explanations. And it’s ironic that Spencer, who makes such a big deal about people who remain cowardly in their fear of speaking the unvarnished truth, would then go skulking about intimidated himself by what the PC MC could do to his mission, and his reputation. Plus, by the mere fact of perpetuating these presentations that tend to reinforce the idea that Islam itself is not dangerous, and that Muslims qua Muslims are not dangerous, we thereby reinforce the PC MC paradigm — which in turn serves to slow down the progress by which we are helping to wake people up to the actual problem — as opposed to some holographic reduction of the problem that is out of touch with the horrible reality of Muslims and their Islam.

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