Muslim Murderer Sneaks Into Norway, Creates Sob Story:

Amid all the Sydney holiday and sunshine joy, I thought I’d mention that I haven’t quite forgotten the most important threat facing the world today: Radical Islam. Or, just Islam.

You see, the islamists don’t like the words “radical Islam”. Nor do they like the words “moderate Islam”. As they say (in the words of Turkish prime minister Erdogan): “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

When will the lovey-dovey, politically correct westerners start taking them at their word? Especially when they, again in the words of Erdogan, state it very clearly:

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” What, use religion as … war? But… but… Isn’t Islam the religion of peace? Erdogan must have misunderstood.

The above is a whole-page article I published recently in a Beijing newspaper, Elite Reference. They commissioned me to write about a Chinese Uyghur and Muslim terrorist who has for some inexplicable reason been allowed to become a Norwegian citizen (no, of course not inexplicable – Norway will take in any terrorist these days) and who went on to plot first the bombing of Danish newspaper Jyllandsposten and then, when it didn’t work out the way he wanted, decided that he and his two islamist accomplices from Iran and Uzbekistan should just get a gun and shoot down the enemy number one of the Islam world: Kurt Westergaard, the man behind the (in)famous Mohammed cartoon.

It was a first for Norway: Sending someone to prison for seven years just for plotting something. Unheard of! And I’m sure many Norwegian ‘all cultures are equal and I will defend to the death your right to kill your daughter for wearing a miniskirt’ politically correct people cried bitter tears when the verdict came.

Then the Uyghur geezer had a great idea: He hadn’t been planning to shoot Westergaard at all, no, what he had really been planning was to blow up the Chinese embassy in Oslo, after having been so oppressed by the Chinese and all. This got the attention of the Norwegian press, who went on to write in glowing terms how “only Mikael Davud” (the name he had taken on after settling in Norway) showed real sorrow in his eyes at the verdict”.

Fortunately, the Norwegian judge believed his accomplice who testified against him as well as the available facts, and disregarded the ludicrous excuse that this was a poor oppressed minority person just doing what was right by planning to blow up an oppressor’s embassy.

The Beijing newspaper commissioned me because I can read Norwegian, and I can tell you this: In all the newspaper reports from Norway I got the distinct impression that they wanted it to be just a guy wanting to blow up a Chinese embassy, somewhere, anywhere, and that the newspapers were totally okay with that. The fact as found by the court of ‘Muslim terrorist with links to, in fact having been trained by, Al-Qaeda to kill a cartoonist’ – well – yeah whatever. He showed sorrow!

Below is the English version of the article in Elite Reference. Yes I know. Long. But a Beijing paper published it in its entirety.

“Since the Al Qaeda attacked and obliterated the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001, there have been more than 18,300 deadly attacks carried out in the name of Islam worldwide, mainly in Middle Eastern and African countries.

There have also been countless attacks planned against targets in the west, which have fortunately been foiled by alert police and secret services. The most famous of these is probably the “underwear” or “crotch” bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. He followed in the proud tradition of the Shoe Bomber Richard Read and the Turban Bomber. Presumably there are Bra Bombers, Anus Bombers and Denture Bombers lining up to take their place.

Islamist terror attacks are happening so frequently that it is difficult to keep abreast of the situation. Also, the mainstream media seems to be less and less interested in reporting these attacks. For example, although I have been following the jihadist movement closely for more than five years and although I am Norwegian, it took the paper you are now reading to alert me to one of the more bizarre conspiracies concocted and thwarted in recent years, that of a “Norwegian” Uyghur planning to blow up a Danish newspaper and killing a Danish cartoonist along with two others.

This week in Oslo, two of the conspirators were sentenced to prison by the Norwegian court. They are: Chinese Uyghur Mohammad Rashidin (40) who was admitted to Norway in 1999 as a “quota” refugee and was given Norwegian citizenship in 2007 and changed his name to Mikael Davud. He was sentenced to seven years in prison, 606 days of which have already been served in custody.

Davud is seen as the leader behind the plot.

If he gets one third of the sentence off for good behaviour in prison, he will only have to stay another three and a half years behind bars.

The second man, Shawan Sadek Saeed Buiak, (38) an Iraqi Kurd who had been granted residency in Norway on “humanitarian grounds” was given a four year prison sentence, and the third, the Uzbek national David Jakobsen (33) whose application for political asylum in Norway had been rejected but who was later given residency based on family reunification received four months, all of which had already been spent in custody.

Jakobsen (real name Alisher Abdullaev) had acted as a police informer since voluntarily contacting PTS (Politiets Sikkerhetstjeneste, the Norwegian Police Security Service) in 2009. Several members of the Uzbek community in Norway told Norwegian police that he had been “radicalized” after settling in the country. He is also suspected of having embezzled 6 million NOK (US$ 944,000) from his own company before it went bankrupt.

He had applied for classes in oil drilling, leading PST to suspect that another target for the attack was to be Norway’s oil industry.

During the trial, Davud told the court that he had been taken blindfolded from the Iranian city of Marshad to a secret location, thought to be an Al-Qaeda camp in Waziristan in Pakistan on the border of Afghanistan. There he was given theoretical training for two weeks before being allowed to experiment with harmless substances in the art of making hydrogen peroxide bombs – also known as ‘The mother of Satan”.

According to Oslo newspaper Dagbladet, Davud “has explained to the court that he didn’t have any agreement with anybody and therefore has not entered into any terrorist plot. He also claims not having planned any attack against Danish interests or institutions. Therefore he feels that the facts the charges are built on, are not sufficiently based on proof”.

On the contrary, Davud claimed he wanted to harm Chinese interests, namely the Chinese Embassy in Oslo, because he had personally felt strongly “Chinese suppression of Uyghurs since childhood”.

His accomplice Shawan Sadek Saeed Buiak, however, gave quite a different explanation of the events.
During interrogation by the PST after his arrest, he said that Davud had been the instigator of the plot against Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, which included bombing of the newspaper headquarters as well as the murder by shooting of the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard.

A quick explanation about Westergaard, who might not be as well known in China as he unfortunately (I bet he now wishes no one had ever heard of him) is in western countries:

On September 30, 2005 the editor of the Danish paper Jyllandsposten published 12 drawings of the prophet Mohammed. One of the many, many rules for behaviour that Islam through its holy book the Koran enforces on its followers (there are 40 rules on how to go to the toilet for example) is that depicting any living creature in a drawing or picture is haram (forbidden) just like drinking alcohol, eating pork and being friends with a non-Muslim.

Muhammed founded Islam (and made up all the rules) so of course depicting him in a drawing would be the most forbidden of all forbidden things (although depictions of Mohammed are common in some Muslim countries). Muslims in Denmark made a huge hue and cry over these cartoons, but it wasn’t until Saudi Arabia got wind of the controversy that things really kicked off. They screamed that Denmark had insulted all Muslims (1,5 billion people) and that blood must be shed to revenge this declaration of war on everything Islam.

That’s right, because of some drawings in a newspaper in a small European country.

The Middle East, as well as Muslim communities around the world, exploded in rage. Kurt Westergaard’s drawing, depicting Mohammed wearing a turban shaped like a bomb with the fuse lit, was singled out as the greatest outrage. Thousands of Muslims went on the rampage, interestingly (but not unusually) attacking other Muslims. More than 140 people were killed, bombs were set off and cars set on fire.

In 2010 a Somali Muslim forced his way into Westergaard’s house, threatening him with an axe. If Westergaard, whose five year old granddaughter was in his house at the time, hadn’t had a panic room, it’s fair to assume that he would have been killed. The intruder said during his trial that although he was carrying an axe, he had had no plans of actually killing the cartoonist.

Now Westergaard lives under 24 hour police protection and several attempts on his life have since been uncovered and foiled.

Back to Buiak’s testimony. He said that he had made himself available to Davud for whatever plans the Uyghur might have, while claiming that he didn’t know of any links to Al Qaeda or of the ingredients for bomb making he was keeping in his own basement.

“ I took the ingredients and put them in my home, but I wouldn’t have done it if I had known they were so dangerous.” Sounds a bit like Westergaard’s Somali assassin, wouldn’t you say?

Buiak claimed the bombing plans were eventually shelved, and that the new plan would be to kill Kurt Westergaard with firearms.

“Davud said that what we had initially planned was wrong, and asked me to get a gun if possible. He said: “This is about one person. It is one person who is the target. He must die. Do you support me in that?” I answered yes. But because I didn’t have any connections in the criminal world I never did get hold of a weapon. All plans of a terror attack were then shelved by Davud. However, if I have done anything wrong, I am willing to take the punishment I deserve.”

Buiak’s lawyer, Brynjar Meling, said: “He is no killer. His activities were based on words, not actions.”

According to Dagbladet, Buiak had confirmed that he is a conservative Muslim and that he doesn’t oppose jihad, saying “ I think Islam and sharia law should rule. I have never denied this. I follow the words of the Prophet but I have never cooperated with any groups. I have never served in the military and have no experience with weapons. I have never dabbled in politics or been given any training by imams.”

He says he felt the Mohammed cartoons to be a “bad action and an insult to all Muslims.” He also didn’t deny his wish to harm the cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard.

“I won’t lie – I want him dead. But I won’t do anything concrete. I have no experience in handling weapons.”

The verdict of “plotting to commit a terrorist act” is a first for Norway, and is something of a victory for PST, which has used all its resources in the surveillance of the men, especially Davud. According to Dagbladet, the PST has “at some stage been able to track almost every word he said and every step he took”.

District Court Judge Oddmund Svarteberg said during the verdict: “There is no doubt that Davud took the initiative in planning the terrorist attack.”

Although the Norwegian court thought it “right for Davud to be engaged in fighting for the Uyghur cause” and that “he has developed a hatred towards the Chinese government because he claims they have killed his uncle and two of his friends” they didn’t believe his explanation.

The court pointed out that Davud is a devout Sunni Muslim and that he has received five or six years of education of the Koran and Islam. The court also said that he is interested in extremist Islam groups’ view on jihad, among other things.

The verdict says: “A short time after Al-Qaeda in the spring of 2008 began encouraging Muslims to get revenge for the Mohammed cartoons, Davud took concrete steps to manage to carry out a bomb attack.”

According to Davud, his first goal in 2009 was to blow up the Chinese Embassy in Tehran, but that the group which had been training him gave him such a definite veto that he had to escape to Turkey.

The court didn’t believe Davud’s claim that he was trained in bomb making in Iran, and also dismissed his explanation that the people who taught him were not linked to any religious or ideological group. On the contrary, the court found that the way in which he was taught showed that the trainers themselves had learnt their methods from Al Qaeda.

The court also said that even if they weren’t Al Qaeda members as such, they were at least Al Qaeda sympathisers according to what was uploaded on Davud’s multi media player during the time he received training. Oslo District Court found further that Davud, in the months after finishing his training, was in contact via email with Al Qaeda members in Peshawar. Although the contents of these emails were seemingly innocent, the court found it very likely that the communication was about something else entirely.

In Davud’s home, police found several passport photographs, one of which that of an Al Qaeda member.

But no, it was only the Chinese Embassy ‘Mikael Davud’ was interested in blowing up. The Norwegian press also tries to sell this to the public.

So there we have it. Muslim extremist with proven links to Al Qaeda as well as extreme Islamist groups in Europe, for example Duisburg in Germany, claims he only acted on behalf of his dead uncle and two friends, to blow up first the Chinese Embassy in Iran, then in Oslo.

Something is not right here, wouldn’t you say?

The above facts are based on what the Norwegian newspapers wrote about the court case, but because I can read Norwegian I am in no doubt as to where the journalists’ sympathies lay. It was with the poor, oppressed Uyghyr. In one article it says: “two of the defendants received their verdicts stony-faced, expressionless. But in Davud’s eyes one could read sorrow.”

Really? The journalists were sitting right in front of his face, were they? I thought journalists sat several metres away from defendants in court cases.

All right. Maybe there was sorrow in his eyes, what do I know. If I had just been handed a seven-year prison sentence, I might be a little distraught too. Especially if I, like Davud had told the press before the court case, thought I would be acquitted. However, this guy, unfortunately because of the incredible naïveté of the Norwegian Immigration Department now being a Norwegian citizen, will soon be out again, free to continue his life’s work.

And that work, despite what sympathetic Norwegian journalists and perhaps even some Chinese government officials may believe, is NOT to seek revenge for Chinese oppression of Uyghyrs, but to “return” the world to an Islamic caliphate and make everyone submit to sharia law.

Yes, submit.

The same people who keep spouting the evident lie that “Islam is the religion of peace” while the number of deadly attacks carried out in the name of precisely that religion are now edging towards 20,000 in just ten years, also claim that the word ‘Islam’ means ‘peace’.

It doesn’t.

‘Islam’ means ‘submission’. Submission to not only the word of Allah as specified in the Koran, but in particular to the word of his messenger, Mohammed, an illiterate warlord whose bands of raiders terrorized the Middle East in the early 7th century.

It is very important that the world understands this.

My first trip to Xinjiang was in the year 2000. (Read all about it in my latest book Don’t Joke On The Stairs) I found the Muslims there very agreeable; giving me pieces of melon and sunflower seeds to eat, drinking beer and dancing to catchy Turkish tunes. They seemed to have pretty much the same interests as people in the countryside all over China: Growing and selling things, bringing up their children, having a good time.

Then 9/11 happened.

The Xinjiang Muslims, who before had only been accused of ‘separatism’, now linked up with their fellow ideologues in Pakistan and Afghanistan, fired up by the prospect of making Islam rule the world. Since then there have been many serious violent incidents in Xinjiang.

The Chinese government doesn’t hesitate to call these incidents ‘terrorism’. In fact, the Chinese government is the only one in the world today, with the possible exception of Russia, who is not afraid to deal properly with terrorism carried out by Muslims. I, for one, am really thankful to be living in China where this menace is dealt with swiftly and with the correct amount of brutality.

Not to put too fine a point to it, swift and brutal retribution is the only language Islamists understand.

Meanwhile, Europe is slowly committing cultural and political suicide by not only importing millions and millions of people from Islamic countries wholesale but also by trying to appease Muslims in every way, to the point where drawings of pigs are removed from children’s schoolbooks, Christmas trees and Christian crosses are not allowed in schools and other official institutions because they might ‘offend’ Muslims, and where people in democratic countries whose laws allow their citizens free speech, are put on trial just for quoting scriptures from the Koran.

If the Chinese government sees increased violence in Xinjiang just as ‘separatist terrorism’ I think they are making a grave mistake. Muslims all over the world, egged on by Al Qaeda’s triumph in bringing down the Twin Towers in New York, followed by the extreme unwillingness by European countries and increasingly the USA to identify and call the enemy by its right name: Islam (it is now not allowed in the US to call Islamist terrorists Islamist terrorists in newspapers; they have to be called religious terrorists) are now joining forces to bring down Israel (“The little Satan’” and eventually the USA (“the big Satan”).

Islam is now a sacred cow in Europe. Nobody can criticize its adherents; nobody can say openly that everything Islam stands for goes against human morals and ethics such as :

Sexual segregation (In Saudi Arabia and other Islamist countries, women are not allowed to go out unless accompanied by a male relative and there is Vice Police in place to beat up and imprison women who dare to go out dressed in a way deemed improper) racism (a corner stone in Islam is that Muslims are allowed to kill non-Muslims, especially Jews, with impunity, and that under sharia law, which the whole world must submit to when these warriors for Muhammed are in power, non-Muslims are second-class citizens completely at the mercy of Muslims) honour killing (any Muslim is allowed to kill his children or family members if he feels they have brought dishonour on the family or disrespected Islam) murder of gays (homosexuals are hanged from cranes in Iran and frequently killed by their families in all Muslim countries just for being gay) stoning to death for adultery (In Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other islamist countries, women who have been raped are frequently imprisoned, sometimes executed, for “committing adultery)” institutionalized pedophilia
(according to the Koran, a man can marry a nine-year old girl; recently in Somalia, imams were out in force defending a law that says that anybody can ‘marry’ girls as young as one year old, saying the Koran allowed them to do so) – yes, the dreary list goes on and on.

But if I were to write an article in a European or US mainstream newspaper pointing out these things, it would never be published. If it were, Muslims living in that country might just take it upon themselves to kill the editor of that newspaper, as well as me of course, for saying the truth about Islam.

I am therefore very thankful to be able to write about these things in Elite Reference, residing in a country unafraid to take on the Islamists and bring them to justice wherever they are.

The so-called Norwegian Mikael Davud never intended to blow up any Chinese embassy. He and his Islamist pals had only one goal and it was killing the man who had dared to insult them so gravely – by using a pencil to draw a picture they didn’t like.

They were influenced, trained and instructed by members of a huge and growing global movement: So-called radical Islam. Why do I call this “so-called”, knowing full well that there are millions of peaceful Muslims around the world who wouldn’t dream of killing anyone, let alone their own family members or daughters? Because another tenet of Islam is that the religion (I’d call it ideology) is more important than any nationality its adherents may have. When push comes to shove, they will identify themselves as Muslims first, Chinese Uyghurs, Americans, Norwegians or whatever, second.

In the words of Turkish prime minister Erdogan, commenting on the term ‘moderate Islam’: “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

I hope the Chinese government will see these people for what they are: Not separatists but parts of an enormous global movement hell-bent on bringing down civilisation as we know it. ”

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9 Responses to Muslim Murderer Sneaks Into Norway, Creates Sob Story:


  2. Mike says:

    Great job! This is very well written. I hope the Chinese people will be able to read more of this in the future. Thank you for educating the Chinese people about the dangers of islam.

  3. woka says:

    This is the first time I’ve read a translation of a Chinese magazine/news article. This is hilarious writing. Very wry. Bravo :)

  4. John says:

    The problem with Islam is that, as Muslim reformist Irshad Manji has stated, it is the only major religion in which literalism is mainstream. Christians, Jews, Hindus and even Buddhists have their literalists and extremists as well; however, most of the adherents of those faiths have been able to look critically at their respective holy books, and notice and come to terms with the contradictions in such scriptures, and largely do away with the more retrograde aspects of their faiths. Islam has largely yet to do this, though.

  5. DP111 says:

    Good essay.

    Why do I call this “so-called”, knowing full well that there are millions of peaceful Muslims around the world who wouldn’t dream of killing anyone, let alone their own family members or daughters?

    True. But that is not that is of most concern to us.

    Since 9/11, the authorities and the MSM have unceasingly told the Western populace that the vast majority of Muslims are moderate, and the radicals were just a tiny minority. Then we had the Arab Spring, and again the MSM and the Western political elite glowingly referred to the oncoming of a liberal and free Arab world. But the elections resulted in all the Arab Spring countries electing fundamentalist Islamic parties to power with overwhelming majorities, and burning of churches and killing Christians was not just by the mob but by the police and the army.

    With the above in mind, the distinction between moderate or radical Muslims is meaningless for all practical purposes. It is the number that counts. Once Muslims are a near majority, they will declare it to be a Muslim area, and enforce sharia, either illegally if they don’t have the numbers across the nation, or legally if they do. In either case, the distinction between the radicals and moderates is meaningless.

  6. Mike Weaver says:

    True when the article was written and truer now, especially after the attacks in Paris just a few days ago.

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