New Crib On The Block

Finally! Last Sunday saw the first, “soft” opening of Tap Tap, a new tapas bar with real Spanish chefs and everything, in sleepy backwater Pui O! Hooray. The demise of Pui O Delicious which was the former inhabitant of the premises, had been sorely felt by many.

I went there with my friend Ceri and new dog Koldbrann

(formerly “naughty”, now a lamb under the stern tutelage of Cesar Millan, through his keen disciple me) at 7.30. Unfortunately, seeing it was the first day and all, we couldn’t have dinner until 8.30. We could have wine, though, and did. On an empty stomach.

I put Koldbrann’s leash on a barstool on the pavement outside and sat on it. Just in case. He is a lamb but a lamb in dog’s clothing.
Suddenly Koldbrann saw some kind of enemy on the other side of the road and made a big leap, pulling the whole barstool and its human cargo with him. Fortunately I had had two glasses of wine on an empty stomach and fell in a leisurely and relaxed manner, crashing lightly down on the road with only probably 30% of the injuries I would have sustained if sober.

So you see, drinking isn’t all bad! And certainly not the drinking in Tap Tap, whose food, what we tried of it (calimari, some fried bread with tomatoes and olives, some kind of soup and something I can’t remember) was superb. Superb! In sleepy backwater Pui O!!! Pui O has so far seemed to be a place where mediocre-to-crap food establishments come to die.

I expect great things from this place. Do come along.

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