“There Is No Plan B”

I knew it was too soon to celebrate last year when the news came that there would be no rubbish incinerator on the island in the photo above. “They will never give up an opportunity to waste this much money” I nodded darkly to myself at the time, like some beach-dwelling Cassandra.

Unfortunately I was right. The Sek Gu Chau Incinerator is back on the table, everything needed to build it is getting ready AND government officials, asked what they will do if the judicial review doesn’t go in their favour, answer: “There is no plan B.” So it’s a done deal, then. So why do they even bother to have these “information” meetings and hearings? As always delusional government officials think that when they put something on a whiteboard and talk about it for three hours, everyone will come around to their point of view, maybe even love the officials a little bit. No really. They do.

This harebrained, money-wasting scheme scam will be a disaster for the Lantau coastline and God knows what it will do to our health. Please join us in the fight against this the Environmental “Protection” Department latest assault on our last pristine coastline.

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2 Responses to “There Is No Plan B”

  1. nulle says:

    be careful when you fight…you might thave your home/office searched without your knowledge and black-listed …or arrested and charged with “subversion” under Article 23 of Basic Law…

    the game is up in HK, it is being mainland-ized…the milk powder ban will be lifted come October due to CCP objections…

  2. Julia Gasper says:

    That’s a real shame. When they’ve built the incinerator they will decide that it emits too much pollution and and causes global warming, so then they will have a new problem. Trouble is that people do generate too much rubbish.

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