Suddenly I’m in … New York?!?

… and this is the view from my bedroom window! Guess what, in New York you can bring dogs everywhere, even to the bank:

There are water bowls for dogs absolutely everywhere, and a place we stopped for tea even had little dog biscuits. Nice touch (but a bit chewy.)

After ten weeks of constant rain in Hong Kong plus lots of last minute panic about leaks and flooding in my gaff, finally I reached New York to find: Rain! But at least it was freezing.

Had a great flight: 15 hours of nothing to do except watch TV shows. The graphics were superb; instead of seeing just a map of the world and a boring old drawing of an airplane dragging itself dismally across it (I suspect airplane graphic art has moved on since I last flew) we here got the whole Earth with curvature and everything, outside camera showing the icy wastelands of Canada and every name of every little town you’ve never heard of. Illuminating!

Here is the new World Trade Centre, I believe its name is Freedom My Arse.

Although it is more elegant than the two old ones, I couldn’t help thinking that if those had still been in place, I might not have had to spend more than two hours from plane to exit. Down with world jihad!!!

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One Response to Suddenly I’m in … New York?!?

  1. Joe Byrne says:

    Sure, of course the notoriously long wait to get out of the airport in New York is the fault of Muslims – because everybody knows the best way to stop hijackers is to delay people after their flights have already finished.

    Maybe you would have been happier visiting Paris, where it seems like you have a few kindred spirits.

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