China’s Southernmost Province

Why are the Chinese so fascinated with rocks? This specimen is longer than me, just sitting there in an exhibition room in a park in Guangzhou, Tea Art something or other where the yam cha charged minimum 25 yuan per person so that’s what I had to pay for a hugely inferior taro cake as that was all I could eat because I was already full from a terrible yam cha in the Jianguo Hotel a couple of hours earlier.

But why the rocks thing? I can’t understand it.

Anyway, soon after we were on a train heading for Hainan Island. China Travel in Queen’s Rd told me you can’t buy train tickets in China with just a copy of a passport (to counteract scalping, or just because they like to control people, the Chinese government several years ago decreed that train tickets can only be bought by showing each passenger’s ID) but that was of course a lie. I wish people would say “I don’t know” when they don’t know…

So after the fateful stay in Jianguo Hotel Guangzhou, with the worst and most expensive dim sum north of Hollywood road, the next night saw us on the train to Haikou. Unfortunately the starting point of that train was Harbin so most people on it had had little or no contact with water for three days.

And they were all Mandohooligans. As were the people performing in The People’s Park in Haikou the next day. The Chinese government has done an absolutely brilliant job of eradicating Cantonese from the surface of the earth. Another goal reached! Mars next.

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