What Are The CHANCES!!!

Jimsee Bogan

I’ve just come back from an incredibly fun and satisfying trip to Australia – thank you Lydia without whom not even a sixth of the joy would have been possible! And thank you for introducing me to James Boag (Jimsee Bogan), a Tasmanian beer almost on par with Tsingtao (or Chengdou as it should be pronounced).

Yesterday I took the day off pottering around with unpacking and re-arranging my sock drawer. Exhausted from the two hour difference jet lag I soon started watching the eight (or whatever) episode of the excellent American show Modern Family. And what are the chances – the very first scene sees the whole family strolling down the edge of: Sydney Harbour!!!!! Exactly where Mister Public Security Uncle had stood two days earlier!!!!!!


Not only that. The first thing I saw walking into Mui Wo’s Park’n’Shop was: lots of bottles of Jimsee Bogan!!!!!!!! I’m running out of exclamation marks here.

I just had to invite a nearby-dwelling Australian around to keep the hopping feeling alive. Unfortunately he’s camera-shy, unlike Jimsee Bogan:


But I’ll always favour wombats over kangaroos.

However! Part 2: I just finished the rest of the Modern Family episode, and it turned out to be the least good in the whole series! Crappy gags, childish sexual innuendo although it featured Murray from Flight Of The Conchords and the worst thing was when Claire Dunphy, who had been working through their entire holiday, calling her project ‘my baby’ throughout the episode, suddenly screamed: “A wild dog ran off with my laptop!” What? Not “A dingo took my baby”, Claire? Or was it meant to be really deep and aimed at us born before 1976 (or so)?

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2 Responses to What Are The CHANCES!!!

  1. GK says:

    Hi Cecilie, I’m working my way through your dvds and I am enjoying them immensely! I don’t know how much is sinking in, and expect to have to view them repeatedly, but they are terrific entertainment nonetheless. But I was wondering, how do cantonese speakers type on a keyboard? Mandarin speakers use Pinyin, but what is the cantonese method? And is there an version of Pinyin for canto? Or is canto translated to english inconsistently, but sort of mostly the same? Like Tsingtao = Chengdou? Thank you!

    • cecilie says:

      Yes, unfortunately (for now) I have to type in Mando words and see what comes up. I had a wonderful programme of Cantonese characters in my old laptop (under languages) but that seems to have disappeared in the new one. Just like the DVD-burning facilities! Damn you, Steve Jobs. Oh no, you’re dead. Sorry.

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