Welcome To The Welcoming Dustbin

Now … it’s enough. Now I’ve seen, heard and tried it all. All, I say.

Walking Piles through Pui O yesterday afternoon, I came across an exuberantly painted object:

Wowser! What was with the orange, I asked my local dustbin collector who happened to be loitering nearby. Only the day before the same dustbin had namely been of a more sedate purplish blue colour, you see.

“Oh yes, we’re exchanging all the dustbins. Don’t you think it’s more beautiful? It’s to welcome the Olympics.”

Yes I can see that The Olympics, when that deity swings around the South Lantau road, would feel unwelcomed; snubbed and insulted, it is fair to assume, if the dustbins should be of a non-orange persuasion.
Just to be on the safe side, though, I think someone should write and tell him in what splendid way he’s being welcomed to Hong Kong, home of world-class bureaucratic standards. He might miss it – completely-otherwise.

Olympics – new dustbins … there’s a metaphor there somewhere.


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9 Responses to Welcome To The Welcoming Dustbin

  1. tomaha says:

    hopefully more hk ppl will find the dustbin now?!

  2. cecilie says:

    Ha ha , yes, dustbins being not visible enough. THAT must be the reason why Pui O beach is overflowing with rubbish every weekend.

  3. Well, the previous bin was looking a little scratched and worn, and the new one does look more bright and shiny. Just keep your sunspecs on when passing by.

  4. James says:

    I think I see you in the reflection :0

  5. cecilie says:

    Yeah you do. And that should put to rest forever the insane notions put forward by Jimsee that 1. I have curly hair and 2. That I wear long skirts with dark green flowers.

  6. gweipo says:

    wow, didn’t know that the HK government was supporting the House of Orange (i.e. the Dutch) for this olympic games. would have thought they’d be cheering on China, in which case the bins should have been red with a couple of yellow stars ….

  7. cecilie says:

    Ah, but the HK government likes to do things in a subtle way, you see. No OVERT welcoming of the olympic games for us. We prefer to show our welcoming muscle, as it were, in the small things. Small, nearly invisible.

  8. morag says:

    Well, I take your shiny orange bins and raise you one OLYMPIC TRAIL!!!!!! Here in the Olympic village of Mui Wo! We have a SIGN! This sign points vaguely to Pak Ngan Heung which is apparently now an OLYMPIC TRAIL!!!!!! Goodness knows what running, jumping, swimming and acrobatics are involved, but the last time I went to Pak Ngan Heung I simply went there, bought a beer and went home. Did I miss something???

  9. cecilie says:

    Evidently, you did. Haven’t you heard that several thousand prancing ponies, led by over-tall Olympian Yao Ming (basketball was one of the main events with the old Greeks) are going to stampede through Mui Wo shortly?
    Tsk tsk.

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