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China Drool(s)

So, to all you people out there who call Kowloon “The Dark Side”: If you could be arsed to go there occasionally; these are the kind of guys who leisurely stand around outside workshops over there of an afternoon. I’m … Continue reading

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Groovy Guangdong

Another thrilling and surreal weekend in the great hinterland, this time in a place I’d never been, Yengdak (Yingde), a little under four hours’ train trip from Shenzhen. I travelled with P, a tall Australian man whom people, unfortunately but … Continue reading

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Super Bonus: China Drool AND Dating Tips For Plonkers IN ONE GO!!!!!

This guy, whom I met in Shenzhen last year, invited me for lunch today. That was after having invited me for a drink a couple of weeks ago. Him being so beautiful I just want to puke and puke when … Continue reading

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China Drool

Ahhhhhh – huge sigh of relief! Back in the bosom of the motherland at last after a dreadful amount of months of olympic rigmarole. I have my three year visa ($600) (as opposed to, I believe, $1500 for a single … Continue reading

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The Beauty Of China

The thing about China, right, is that even the most mundane things can be beautiful. A walk through the old streets of Guangzhou always throws up some stunning tableaux. Tableaux. I like that word. Apart from playing cards and liar’s … Continue reading

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China Drool: Urumchi

Ahhhh … escaping from Turpan, the hottest place on earth at least, what could be more soothing than seeing Urumchi’s most drooling drool just sitting there in a car playing testosterone-filledly with his mobile? I wasted no time in striking up … Continue reading

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New Home For The Droll

Ha-lou Wellll-come! Welcome to the new site! Welcome to your computer screen! Welcome to June 1st, sponsored by McDonalds! Welcome to your chair. Welcome to the air. Welcome to your keyboard. Welcome! And of course … No Smoking! This will … Continue reading

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Beautiful Dudes: Modesty Is Very Becoming

This dude was sitting behind me as I gave a lecture on  quacked out a few words in Cantonese in Ye Olde Teaee Shoppee last night. That place is highly recommended by the way. Smack in the middle of Central, … Continue reading

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Beautiful Dudes IV

Ah, Ben Si Bar! The best bar in Shenzhen, possibly the world. This guy, A Yong, possibly A Tong, a manager, is always walking around there looking and being busy. Wide shoulders, narrow waist and always standing well inside my … Continue reading

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