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In Defence of a Donald

I never – EVER – thought I’d say this, but I want to say something in defence of the Donald, our chief executive. And that is that I was appalled to read the paper today and see that he had … Continue reading

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Don’t Joke On The Stairs

People: Bugger me down if I haven’t written a new book! Mind you it’s five years since the last one so it’s about time. The launch is soon, and everyone’s invited. details later …

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Two Fathers

The Dutch! Aren’t they marvellous? This song made me think about my two British dude friends in Beijing who have just had a daughter, by surrogate mother-cy. I wonder if, when that girl is a teenager, she’ll stand up and … Continue reading

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National Day Extravaganza

Woo-hoo! 60 years of glory and the commies are going at it hammers and tongs. Nowhere is the excitement at the world’s greatest milestone-reaching more palpable than in sleepy backwater Pui O, where local villagers have erected three huge posters … Continue reading

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The Unbearable Rightness of Beijing

Yawn, so it’s another big occasion in China; even bigger than the sacred Olympics I’m sure some would say. Beijing is now hermetically sealed off from the world so no outside speck of dust will get into the party machinery … Continue reading

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Bye bye Beijing

Beijijng in winter – what a sight. Everything is one to one and a half colours and in the early morning a fairytale-like haze hangs over the eight lane highways and massive new shopping centers. I have to admit I’m … Continue reading

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Cold Cold and Cold

But not too cold to rush out this morning at 7 to try to get some good shots around the Forbidden City before everybody got there. I managed that. Not everybody was there, only about 89% of China’s population, with … Continue reading

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Cow Year In Beijing

My first Chinese New Year in the capital in search of the Beijing Olympics and guess what: Everything’s closed! How dare they take a day off. Today, new year’s day (again) we had to have lunch at a GERMAN restaurant. … Continue reading

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