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Damned Busy Working For Motherland

Damn – I’ve done it! I’ve gone and betrayed my love, the Cantonese language. Well, all I’ve said about it is true and right, and it is my beloved language number 1A. It’s just that … I can’t jolly well … Continue reading

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A(nother) Sad Day for China

Here we go again. Another man has been sent down, this time for a surprisingly lenient five years, for “inciting subversion of state power” for donating blood in a commemoration of the Tiananmen massacre, as well as publishing an essay … Continue reading

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News Making For Plonkers

A particularly arduous task this, as it was minus 14 degrees and the language problems daunting. Long live Cantonese!

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Bye bye Beijing

Beijijng in winter – what a sight. Everything is one to one and a half colours and in the early morning a fairytale-like haze hangs over the eight lane highways and massive new shopping centers. I have to admit I’m … Continue reading

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Cow Year In Beijing

My first Chinese New Year in the capital in search of the Beijing Olympics and guess what: Everything’s closed! How dare they take a day off. Today, new year’s day (again) we had to have lunch at a GERMAN restaurant. … Continue reading

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The Lovely West

Here’s my first documentary. Part 2 and 3 are to be found close by, at www.youtube.com/cantocourse

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Ad Not Bad

The Chinese have, as we all know, invented everything; gunpowder (which they stupidly only used for fireworks- it took savvy westerners to put the stuff to its real use) paper, golf and recently also the kangaroo. They invented the US, … Continue reading

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A Call To Arms. And Legs.

Wei, wei. Another event in your already filled to the brim appointment book.  Happy Jellyfish Language Bureau will be shooting the fourth episode in its course “Cantonese – The Movie” (see sidebar about YouTube)  this Saturday the 13th of September, … Continue reading

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One World – Two Guys (warning: Contains traces of product placement)

No, nothing about the Beijing Olympics this time. Just relaxing with the SCMP on the ferry home; yes that’s right, I finally caved and got a Vodafone USB modem. Now I’ll never have to go to Pacific Coffee again, with … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Welcoming Dustbin

Now … it’s enough. Now I’ve seen, heard and tried it all. All, I say. Walking Piles through Pui O yesterday afternoon, I came across an exuberantly painted object: Wowser! What was with the orange, I asked my local dustbin … Continue reading

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