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New Cantonese – The Movie

It’s been a year but finally more Cantonese. If you want to be in a film, give us a shout!

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Hypochondriac City

It’s official. The South China Morning Post today states in an article and a cartoon, that there are 570,000 hypochondriacs in Hong Kong. The Chinese University says so. Really? That few? According to my scientific research, based on how many … Continue reading

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At Bloody Last! Relativism

We expatriates living in Hong Kong normally don’t have the privilege of having our families near – we normally have to hook up with someone and make our own people. Ah-Mok is a local Hong Kong guy but, unusually for … Continue reading

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Swine Flu Menace – It Never Stops. Unless You Let It

It’s no good being complacent about swine flu. Just as you thought you were safe, there it is again, sticking its slimy snout into our daily lives, tearing asunder the very fabric of society. People forget so easily, don’t they? … Continue reading

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One thing I really dislike is busy people who don’t think other people are busy.  You know the ones: Keep you waiting forever without calling to say they’ll be late; tell you half an hour after they should have been … Continue reading

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Return of the Cantonese Fundamentalists

We put the FUN back in mental!

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Ever Wondered Why …

… Caucasians can’t learn Cantonese? Everybody knows they can’t and that it’s genetic. Happy Jellyfish People’s Democratic Language Bureau has researched the reason for this strange phenomenon scientifically and made a documentary about it: (Two parts!) (Both here!)

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A Good Career Move

Ah-Mok is struggling with existential problems, when he suddenly has the best idea ever about how to “follow his dream”…

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New Episode At Last

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The Law Must Go On

This was a difficult episode to film, as huge trucks kept parking and offloading stuff in the exact spot we were filming, ruining the blood. To say nothing of Shenzhen where we were of course kicked out by security. I … Continue reading

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