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Man On Emission

The latest of our brilliant government’s brilliant schemes is moving closer to fruition. There is a waste disposal EMERGENCY!!!! The landfills are full! Something must be done right away!!! Therefore their best solution is something that will take eight years … Continue reading

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Meet the Dragon Year Head On With Cantonese

So it’s a new year again, this time rather more important than just old 2012 – it’s the year of the DRAGON. Full of upheavals and excitement, it is also the luckiest year in the Chinese zodiac. With only a … Continue reading

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Flog Flog Flog Your Book Gently Down The Stream

So I have this book, right? Don’t Joke On The Stairs. The title is based on a sign I saw in Gansu once, in the staircase of a language school. “Avoid the exchange of jokes while using the stairs, and … Continue reading

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Support Your Local Authors

Hi people, everybody everywhere! Don’t know if I have mentioned it before but I recently published a new book, see above. If you like this blog, you will also find the book to your liking, but longer and a better … Continue reading

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No More Boring Weddings

With this game I thee wed, I say! With three people, a packet of cards and some kind of flat surface there will be no more boring nights for you. (NB! Can also be played in the daytime)

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Historic Moment: Episode 30 in Cantonese – The Movie

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Adventure Travel in Guangdong

Whew, that didn’t half take long! But here it is: Guangdong province from the inside: Come with, come with. You won’t regret it.

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Big Day In The Country Club

Hear ye, hear ye. After several grave setbacks my second book Don’t Joke On The Stairs is finally out there – On You Publish! Yes in this as in all other things it’s better to take matters in one’s own … Continue reading

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