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Going… Going… Gone…

IFC, the International Finance Centre of Hong Kong, naturally needs a big refurbishment, being more than five years old. But people who sometimes walk through it and past the above teaser for what is to come (a knitting shop???) – … Continue reading

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A Stroll

Here in Hong Kong it seems like it’s been raining for a long time. But only on Monday as I strolled from Pier 6 to Stanley street via the IFC footbridge, the world was ablaze with sun: All weather in … Continue reading

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Government’s Boundless Optimism

So here we have it, people: What Central just north of IFC will look like when the new six-lane highway is finally in place. There will be no more of the greyish-brown soup misrepresented in the above photo when cars … Continue reading

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Pakkeng Duck-ing Angry

Monday night I went to the China Club with some friends to “celebrate” them leaving Hong Kong. But what could easily have been a wake, turned into a totally joyous occasion (helped by Vite Vine) not least because of the … Continue reading

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Celebrating Another Narrowly Missed Death

Phew! That was close. After a week of nail-biting suspense with one whole person in HK having porcine related influenza symptoms it seems we’re now largely out of the woods. At least according to the South China Morning Post, which … Continue reading

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News From The Recession

Here’s a sentence not many men have the opportunity to say to their platonic female friends: “Your moustache is stuck in my boa.” But Sunday, somewhere in Central, Hong Kong, such a sentence was uttered with sincerity and not a … Continue reading

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Dire Warning

  If, on the other hand, they are not found, they will be taken behind the toolshed and shot immediately.

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Glad To Be Alive

Saturday was my birthday and this was my birthday meal, eaten beneath fluorescent lights in a greasy spoon. The day was saved when one of my friends turned up with a candle (citrus scented.) Yes frugality in all things! Oh … Continue reading

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Pretentious Wankers

I’m a member of WIPS, Women In Publishing Society, and every year we publish an anthology of our work called IMPRINT. So far, so product placement. This year the Imprint launch will take place on Tuesday next week in the … Continue reading

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