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Don’t Joke On The Stairs

People: Bugger me down if I haven’t written a new book! Mind you it’s five years since the last one so it’s about time. The launch is soon, and everyone’s invited. details later …

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National Day

October 1st, China’s national day and the 22nd anniversary of my arrival in that fair country; or should I say formerly fair but rapidly becoming less so. I was just reflecting on this over beer and excellent Sichuan food with … Continue reading

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Shanghai, Whore of the East

I went to Shanghai fearing the worst. 21 years ago, of course, the city was a true wonder of hovelage, of the beyond Dickensian kind. You could see the history of Shanghai etched on those buildings as clearly as if … Continue reading

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Reasons To Be Cheerful

Ah! Another beautiful sunny day in sleepy backwater Pui O – a new week in a new year; a new decade no less. On days like this I really feel life is worth it, yes I feel downright happy to … Continue reading

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One Way In Which China Is Better Than Australia

Years and light-years ago when I first landed on this fair piece of soil we call Greater and More Marvellous China, I was actually on my way to Australia. That never happened, I’m glad now. No, not just because if … Continue reading

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News Making For Plonkers

A particularly arduous task this, as it was minus 14 degrees and the language problems daunting. Long live Cantonese!

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We’re Jammin’

Latest from Shanghai: Walking around the streets wearing pyjamas is to go the way of the struggle session and shooting oneself in the back while jumping from the 6th floor window to escape justice. And … the neighbourhood busybody committee? … Continue reading

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Jiayuguan – End Of A Great Civilisation

This is the reason why I came here. Talk about whiff of history? This fort, Jiayuguan in north Gansu province,  is the end of The Great Wall and with it, Chinese civilisation. Outside this was The Big Nothing, where people … Continue reading

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Lanzhou, Hong Kong’s Opposite Number

Can’t do anything fancy with photos as am in a cyber cafe where the enter button is stuck and the space bar absent, but oh! Lanzhou! One of my favourite cities in China. And that says a lot. You can’t walk … Continue reading

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