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China Drool(s)

So, to all you people out there who call Kowloon “The Dark Side”: If you could be arsed to go there occasionally; these are the kind of guys who leisurely stand around outside workshops over there of an afternoon. I’m … Continue reading

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China Drool

Ah, Pui O, Pui O. Sleepy backwater as it might be, it still throws up enough beauty at which to shake a stick. And swing a cat. Shake a dead stick, even. You see, men, if you want a good … Continue reading

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Super Bonus: China Drool AND Dating Tips For Plonkers IN ONE GO!!!!!

This guy, whom I met in Shenzhen last year, invited me for lunch today. That was after having invited me for a drink a couple of weeks ago. Him being so beautiful I just want to puke and puke when … Continue reading

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China Drool

Ahhhhhh – huge sigh of relief! Back in the bosom of the motherland at last after a dreadful amount of months of olympic rigmarole. I have my three year visa ($600) (as opposed to, I believe, $1500 for a single … Continue reading

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Sleeping Smoothie (China Drool)

I think it’s been done already but it would be fun to publish a photo book about Geezers Sleeping In Public, especially beautiful ones. This one, in Guangzhou, was so far gone into dreamland that it took his annoying friends … Continue reading

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China Drool (Back In The CCCP!)

  At last. At last! Back in my beloved motherland, China, the place from which we all, paper, gunpowder and football sprang. Wildly irritating olympic games finished, I still can’t get my three year China visa for another month or … Continue reading

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A Sojourn In Guangzhou

Damn the olympics. Damn and damn. My three year visa runs on on the 25th of July and then what? My bet is the Chinese government will keep up this nice little money earner forever – keep the nasty foreigners … Continue reading

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A Terrible Disappointment Before Home

Xining turned out to be an exact copy of Lanzhou, only with more beggars. The area used to be part of Tibet before the Chinese decided that Tibet HAS always, IS and WILL always be a part of China, and … Continue reading

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