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Cover Story About Cantonese

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Norway II

Part 2 in the saga of my brush with the Norwegian media. So despite the mainland authorities’ insistence on not letting Norwegians into the middle kingdom-country for whatever reason, we managed to wangle some visas. But before that: Halloween. I … Continue reading

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It’s Unfortunately Working

Have just come back from yet another extremely fulfilling and surreal trip to the hinterland – this time Shaoguan in the north-west of Guangdong province to which only the coincidence of October 1st, China’s national day, led us. It turned … Continue reading

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Roll On, New Decade

So that was the end of 2009 – The Donald berated by Wen Jiabao for Hong Kong’s “deep rooted conflicts.” Being a cretin, or maybe because he’s catholic, the optimistic Chief Executive takes this to mean: Hong Kong must sort … Continue reading

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This Week’s Weirdest Bribe?

Obama, Obama, Obama day and night. Apart from getting a totally undeserved Nobel’s peace prize; I’m really ashamed of my fellow countrymen the Norwegians there (guess how many people on the committee are of “middle eastern descent” though) it seems … Continue reading

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Political Correctness … or Something, Hits China

It had to happen sooner or later. The strange notion taking root in Europe and the US over the years of perpetrator as victim, has now arrived in China. (Can a notion arrive? You know what I mean.) A Jiangsu … Continue reading

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If That’s Diplomacy I’m All For It

I noticed that our charming new part-time resident, Grace Mugabe, wife of revered elder statesman Robert, has diplomatic immunity while in Hong Kong. I like it! And I want it too. I’m so sick of these people who always want … Continue reading

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I poo on the Chinese Olympics! Really, I do. Here’s the country where I’ve spent all my hard-earned cash during almost 20 years. I have promoted it, I have loved it and I have done my utmost to understand it … Continue reading

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A Sojourn In Guangzhou

Damn the olympics. Damn and damn. My three year visa runs on on the 25th of July and then what? My bet is the Chinese government will keep up this nice little money earner forever – keep the nasty foreigners … Continue reading

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