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Damned Busy Working For Motherland

Damn – I’ve done it! I’ve gone and betrayed my love, the Cantonese language. Well, all I’ve said about it is true and right, and it is my beloved language number 1A. It’s just that … I can’t jolly well … Continue reading

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The Nightmare During Christmas

Have you ever been to the races? I have. I’ve been to Happy Valley three times, of which two in a box with meals and one just standing around with the punters. All three were singularly dismal affairs so boring … Continue reading

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Historic Moment: Episode 30 in Cantonese – The Movie

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Lifelong Atheist Goes to Church

Bugger me if I didn’t go to church on Sunday! For the first time since … nobody can remember that far back. But not to, you know, go to church. It was night and I went to St.John’s Cathedral in … Continue reading

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Christmas In, or on the way to: Winter Wonderland Pui O

Well, ho ho ho everybody! Oh, joke I heard today: What’s the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa Claus? Santa Claus stopped after three “Ho”s! Merry merry.

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Issmas Chrecstravaganza

Everybody everywhere. You remember that awful day in your childhood (for some of you probably in your early twenties) when you discovered the truth about Father Christmas: Too fat to get through the chimney AND you only had central heating! … Continue reading

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Chreason’s Seethings

It’s FINALLY December, at the end of which (the 23rd, 24th in my opinion) one should start hanging up those Christmas (or Season’s, as it’s called now) decorations, not the 3rd of November. (Still, even for an old cynic and … Continue reading

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Etiquette – that’s the tiquette!

What is modern etiquette? Nowadays? For example on Christmas eve, I was invited to a dinner party in the Compass Room at the Yacht Club. The invitation said: Formal wear. The last time I went to same compass room was … Continue reading

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And Bugger Me

… if I didn’t completely forget to post episode 12! What a plonker!

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Mysterious Absence Or Just A Rabid Christian?

I just had an email from a concerned reader asking me where I’ve been recently. That’s nice. The sorry reason for my mysterious absence from this forum, I’m afraid, is I’ve been busy being nice, all in the name of … Continue reading

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