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Thank God! Civil Engineers Rescuing Us From Nature Menace Again

It has been touch and go for a while on Hong Kong’s so-called green lung Lantau Island. After pressure from some misguided, evidently brainwashed individuals, HK’s civil engineering, drainage, concrete, railing, transport and environmental protection etc. departments, were forced to plant … Continue reading

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These Suspicions … Where Do I Get Them From?

Hm. What’s going on? Walking around the great city of Hong Kong I see local people – about my height or shorter, weighing not very much, not bulging with insane muscles or dragging hundreds of kilos of excess flesh around. … Continue reading

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Interaction! Community!

Wei wei, everybody everywhere. Now I’ve been writing this blog for two and a half years and the only time I’ve really felt like I’ve interacted with “the community” is when I wrote something criticising pilots. A shitstorm rained down … Continue reading

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Visual Improvement And Job Creation (jobs for the boys part 50 000)

Pui O and Lantau Island in general must be something of a thorn in the eye – literally – for our many struggling, underpaid deskbound bureaucrats. There is so much … green! So much unruly stuff. Stuff that can’t be … Continue reading

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Yes! Yes! Yeeeees! (orgasmic town planning idea guaranteed to be shot down)

I fell, no, slid, off my chair today, reading the SCMP. And that is something that doesn’t happen every decade. Good news at last! Architects are toying with ideas of making Central into a huge park!!! No more six lane … Continue reading

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Oh No. Not Again.

Put jobs on seats, put jobs on seats … Jobs for people, no matter how meaningless or short lasting, is the mantra of the HK government. Meanwhile the countryside, or environment, is going the way of the concrete dodo. On … Continue reading

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Tiles Are The New Black

For weeks I’ve been noticing, while “vigorously walking my dog” from Pui O to Mui Wo, that work has been going on to turn the previously dark brown, timber-made pavilion on top of Lam Saan into a tiled concrete monster, … Continue reading

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