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My First Interview

I’ve wanted to meet Cesar Millan for three years and now I have! His show at the Hong Kong Asia Expo was excellent and really funny. When he comes back, you must go. In the meantime, don’t let your dog … Continue reading

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I Have Created a Hamster

Koldbrann had a big day the other day. First we walked to Shap Long (pronounced Sap Long), about 40 minutes away. It’s a place I let Koldbrann off the leash as there are few cars; in fact our unleashed walks … Continue reading

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Dogs I Know III

Walking around in the mornings with my excellent, faithful and beautiful hound Lasi (NOT named after a famous Scottish TV hero but a Chinese card game) I realise I probably know more dogs than people. Sad as, but true! So … Continue reading

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Cows. Dogs. Beer.

Charity!!! Good cause!!! Good taste! Come to Lantau on Saturday and get into the groove of the Lantau International Beer Dash! It is… exactly what it’s called. You dash, then drink some beer, then dash again. The run or hobble … Continue reading

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Goodnight, Sweet Prince

A Piles-less house is not a good house. Rest in peace, my good and faithful dude.

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Football With Dogs – A Mug’s Game

So I got back from a long and semi-deserved holiday to find a fat dog (Piles). The people looking after him and my gaff had taken “don’t overdo the exercise in the heat” to the limit by seemingly not exercising … Continue reading

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Hoarse, Braying Laughter

Thanks to everyone who enquired about Piles my dog’s health: Just two days after his last blood-squirting (from rectum) he was back to normal – better than normal in fact. It seemed the poisoning or whatever it was had worked … Continue reading

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Dogs I Know II

Yes I know more dogs than people now. At least in Pui O. Strange, because I vastly prefer people to dogs! Even my own excellent ones, notably Lasi, named after a Chinese card game. Piles is of course a pain … Continue reading

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News from Londonistan

A woman in London couldn’t bring her dog on the bus because “there was a muslim lady on the bus who might get upset.” The driver of the next bus was a muslim, so naturally he denied her and the dog … Continue reading

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Dogs I Know

PILES Top dog LASI Elegant buffalo-hunter                         COFFEE Loves Piles                MERV     Hates Piles KILLER The world’s most inappropriately named dog CHIP … Continue reading

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