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In Defence of a Donald

I never – EVER – thought I’d say this, but I want to say something in defence of the Donald, our chief executive. And that is that I was appalled to read the paper today and see that he had … Continue reading

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Caring and Sharing

I want to share something with you today. You know how difficult it is to get the plastic wrapping off CDs? Well I think it’s difficult anyway. For years I’ve been plucking and scraping at these covers with my fingernails, … Continue reading

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I Am A Total Racist

I have a vice. Yes, people, a guilty, stinking VICE! After I stopped shooting up mary-hooana as well as crossing the street on red light after I got fined $300 for “jaywalking” (sounds like “joyful walking” doesn’t it) in Central … Continue reading

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The Use of a Storm

Fog fog fog foggie foggie fog, and then, last week, a huge bloody rain. As soon as the last raindrop had fallen, sleepy backwater Pui O snapped back into action: One thing I love about Hong Kong is that there … Continue reading

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Roll On, New Decade

So that was the end of 2009 – The Donald berated by Wen Jiabao for Hong Kong’s “deep rooted conflicts.” Being a cretin, or maybe because he’s catholic, the optimistic Chief Executive takes this to mean: Hong Kong must sort … Continue reading

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Groggy Nogs

Early this month I had some Norwegian friends visiting and they were of course wildly impressed with Hong Kong, living as they do in a small town with wooden houses and cobble-stoned streets. It was good for me to see … Continue reading

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Charles Dickens, Champion of Walking and Putting Things Right

When I was a child, the first “adult” book I ever read was Oliver Twist. I must have read it about 50 times between the age of 7 and 10. I naturally read it in Norwegian, and an excellent Norwegian … Continue reading

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You Don’t Know How Good You Have It

Take the HK legislators for example. Complain, complain. Squabble, squabble. Universal suffrage by the year 3001, or was it 6049? So tedious! People asking to be allowed to buy their own houses without worry that two years later Li Ka-shing, … Continue reading

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Sr Dnld Tsng

Wei, hoi hoi and grolsch, my irate readers! If you were bow-tied wonder Sir Donald Tsang for one day and could do any 5 things you wanted, no expense spared, what would you do? Me, I would: 1. Get rid … Continue reading

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One Second Without Noise

Is it too much to ask for? It seems the ferry company I donate $1400 to each month in order to be lectured about giving up smoking and “bringing my belongings before leaving the vessel” and “walking over the “gengplenk” carefully” … Continue reading

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