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Victory! Of Sorts.

Hong Kong has long been said to be a city of rather apathetic people, at least when it comes to accepting inconvenience caused by ineptitude in civil servants. When I ask people how they can put up with this and … Continue reading

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Swine Flu Menace – It Never Stops. Unless You Let It

It’s no good being complacent about swine flu. Just as you thought you were safe, there it is again, sticking its slimy snout into our daily lives, tearing asunder the very fabric of society. People forget so easily, don’t they? … Continue reading

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Transport Department: A Branch of China’s Communist Party?

My war of emails with the Transport Department continues apace. I have written before about the incessant announcements on First Ferry driving passengers unable to shut them out, mad, and how the ten minute a day, twice a day orders … Continue reading

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Ask and Thou Shalt be Given a Satisfactory Answer

Some people are so cynical, don’t you find? They say “oh, what’s the point of doing anything, it all turns to shit anyway.” When it comes to being dissatisfied with the current administration, this cynicism comes out in full force. … Continue reading

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60 Million Pieces of Paper

have so far been used in the government’s valiant fight against the oink oink plague. Did I say 60? Hang on, that was at the beginning of last week, so it must be 65 million by now. 65 million pieces … Continue reading

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First Ferry, Asia’s World Shitty

Now … now it’s enough. Enough! Watch out Jimsee, this post will have you scurrying for the “if you don’t like it you can bugger off” keyboard, like so often before. But really, how much must we take? In a … Continue reading

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Stayin’ Alive

You know how some people like to jump out of airplanes armed only with a handkerchief, throw themselves off tall buildings tied to an elastic band or spend weeks wrapped in cellophane and stapled to the north wall of K2 … Continue reading

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A Pox On First Ferry

Yeah, so maybe you live in Mid-levels or Tsim Sha Tsui or maybe you live in London and you’ve been out – of an evening … eventually there comes a time when you want to go home. That’s inevitable.  But … Continue reading

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