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Alas, Poor Norway! I Knew Her

When that dastardly miscreant Anders Behring Breivik blew up and mowed down all those people in July, I predicted that the Norwegians, instead of looking long and hard at the reasons he stated for his terrible attacks, would embrace muslims … Continue reading

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Back To Reality

It’s time to get back to work, the job being to stop islamisation and, as Wilders says above, “roll back” all attempts by islamists to implement sharia law in democratic countries. After the Norwegian mass-murderer outrage, several readers of this … Continue reading

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Finally, One Milligram of Sense

Geert Wilders has been acquitted on all the idiotic charges the Dutch government hauled him into court over, way back in January 2009. The charges were: 1.Group insult 2.Inciting hatred against muslims because of their religion 3.Inciting discrimination against muslims … Continue reading

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Democracy and Free Speech – Only for Some?

In recent weeks we’ve had the leaders of first Germany, then France, and then even wishy-washy Britain, coming out in public saying ‘multi-culturalism’ (i.e indigenous Europeans having to be careful what they do and say lest it upsets muslims) is … Continue reading

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(Yet) Another European Not Allowed to Quote Koran

Rejoice! Another fantastic salvo from Pat Condell, saying aloud what so many Europeans and other supporters of free speech around the world are thinking but dare not say, terrified that they’ll be facing a lengthy prison sentence if they exercise … Continue reading

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Hooray For Geert Wilders!

His Freedom Party just won 23 mandates in the Dutch elections, going from almost a non-entity to the third biggest party on the slogan: Less Crime, Less Immigration, Less Islam. Let’s hope he remains fearless in the face of stupidity, … Continue reading

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Netherlands’ Shame

In Amsterdam, the only brave man in Europe is on trial for speaking the truth about fascist ideology ISLAM. I let the brilliant Pat Condell condemn this trial more eloquently than I ever could (Condell has a series of anti-fascism … Continue reading

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Somebody Else’s Video!!!!!

Because it’s Friday I decided to do a good deed and let somebody else’s video on my blog for a change. Watch and watch out! When I see and read about what’s happening in Europe, I’m happy to live under … Continue reading

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