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Powering On

Before leaving Hong Kong I was a little concerned that we wouldn’t be able to find proper Sichuan food (after all, two towns in Guangdong province suffer from this most terrible affliction: A lack of Sichuan restaurants) but fortunately on … Continue reading

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One For The Team

This is how it started. We had dived into an upmarket restaurant because the temperature was dropping fast and it was raining; we just couldn’t bear the thought of another meal with our backs to an open door, huddled around … Continue reading

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Guangdong Delight

After I started writing for famed newspaper South China Morning Post (their Post Magazine on Sundays) it seems this blog has gone to hell. Now I’m getting paid to write what I would normally put here. I like getting paid. … Continue reading

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Revellers Without Cantonese

Ah, Guangdong province! For some, their closest holiday destination, for others, scary black hole of death. Guess which category I belong to. This time we decided to avoid transport hub Guangzhou at all cost, seeing it was the grand super … Continue reading

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It’s Unfortunately Working

Have just come back from yet another extremely fulfilling and surreal trip to the hinterland – this time Shaoguan in the north-west of Guangdong province to which only the coincidence of October 1st, China’s national day, led us. It turned … Continue reading

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Adventure Travel in Guangdong

Whew, that didn’t half take long! But here it is: Guangdong province from the inside: Come with, come with. You won’t regret it.

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2009 … Yeah. We’ll See.

2008 – a shitty year for the world, apparently, and as usual Hong Kong’s intellectual elite, those hallowed brains of the fung shui nobility, had the answer: The number 8, normally lucky, is fed up with being used for everything. … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Theory

I’ve come up with an amazing new theory. Weather is 80%. Of what? You ask. Of everything!!! Take this holiday for example. We’re wandering around beautiful hovelage and stupendous scraggy crags BUT it’s pissing down. And 9 degrees. So that … Continue reading

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