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Untold Mysteries

Sometimes I just don’t know what all of the things in Hong Kong are for… Chair with no seat stabiliser? Cat footbridge? Some people also question what my films are for. Why, to catapult Cantonese to world supremacy of course!

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10 Things I Want for 2011, Part 1

This is Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, Iranian woman about to be stoned for adultery. After a lot of world outcry and condemnation, however, the Iranian government is now pondering a more lenient sentence: Hanging. For adultery. You can’t call them cold and … Continue reading

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One Way In Which Sydney Is Better Than Hong Kong

Back from a long weekend in Sydney I still feel a bit weird. Not weird but: Before I left i was full of the thought of going to Australia. The first time I went there in my early youth, I … Continue reading

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We’re Jammin’

Latest from Shanghai: Walking around the streets wearing pyjamas is to go the way of the struggle session and shooting oneself in the back while jumping from the 6th floor window to escape justice. And … the neighbourhood busybody committee? … Continue reading

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Party Party Party

Just to make sure potential turners-up will find it (not everybody can read “Wellington street” and the number “15c” it turns out): Here is the place where the PODCAST 100 party will be. Friday at 7. Should be a good … Continue reading

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Dire Warning

  If, on the other hand, they are not found, they will be taken behind the toolshed and shot immediately.

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Causeway Bay Station With Cheese

    I can’t claim to have visited every single one of Hong Kong’s many MTR stations, especially not recently. However I do think it’s fair to say that amid fierce and brutal competition, the latest advertising campaign featured in … Continue reading

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