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Man On Emission

The latest of our brilliant government’s brilliant schemes is moving closer to fruition. There is a waste disposal EMERGENCY!!!! The landfills are full! Something must be done right away!!! Therefore their best solution is something that will take eight years … Continue reading

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Adding Time

Noticed how Hong Kong and mainland China’s governments are growing closer and closer? The only difference is that HK’s one pretends to have “public consultations” before they go ahead and spend taxpayers’ money on some new white elephant du jour. … Continue reading

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Your Tax Money At Work

Every so often, I mean about once every millisecond, this conversation takes place between the boss of some construction company and a government official: Boss: We need some cash. Give us a job. Gov Official: OK, I’ll find you something. … Continue reading

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Last Chance

Today is the last chance to protest to the government about the super-incinerator they are planning to build right outside my gaff. It’s always ‘super’ with the government, isn’t it. A few years ago it was a super-prison of 7,000 … Continue reading

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Buffalo Brill

Don’t know if I’ve mentioned here before how beautiful and wondrous Pui O is? And that the most beautiful and wondrous thing about it is our water buffalo? Now they’re under threat again, probably more than ever. Encroachment of wetlands … Continue reading

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New, Mild-mannered Me

I can’t remember the last time I wrote something disparaging about the Hong Kong government. Must be because they are now perfect and devote their time to serving Hong Kong people instead of just enabling the three guys who own … Continue reading

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Victory For Hong Kong Government

Is it Norway? Canada? New Zealand? Mars? No, it’s the grassland of sleepy backwater Pui O after a rainfall!!! The above fjord normally looks like this, completely grassy (covered in grassage): By the way, for example Ulaca: You’re a language … Continue reading

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Guangzhou Leads The Way

I love Guangzhou. Many people who frequently go there on business, from the airport to a hotel, then back, tell me they can’t see why this should be. They have decided Guangzhou “Is just a big ugly city full of … Continue reading

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You Don’t Know How Good You Have It

Take the HK legislators for example. Complain, complain. Squabble, squabble. Universal suffrage by the year 3001, or was it 6049? So tedious! People asking to be allowed to buy their own houses without worry that two years later Li Ka-shing, … Continue reading

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Cows’R’Out! (Tracking your tax money part 20000000)

Everybody loves a good fence, and when the erection of fences can coincide with job creation, what could be better? Here’s again an example from formerly sleepy backwater Pui O, now a hotbed of government job creation: Fences, meant to keep … Continue reading

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