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Occupy This! (Excellent Rant)

When I made my latest film on YouTube (see below) I was surprised to find people still camped out below the HSBC building in Central. At least some tents were there and some tatty posters. “Shame HSBC”! Well, yes I … Continue reading

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Home, Home on the Range – Visibility Ranging From 30 to 40 Metres

So it’s home again, and from three weeks of the above view to infinity to not being able to see the houses at the end of my village. A storm must be brewing to get rid of this shit. I … Continue reading

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HSBC: From Primal Soup to Amish Technology Wagon

Latest from seriously heading to stone age HSBC: Friday night I put $4,200 into one of their cash deposit machines in Exchange Square. “Sluuuurp, gurgle” the machine said, and then the screen went black, flashing, with its dying breath as … Continue reading

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I Want To Work in That Bank

Friday night turned out to be rather interesting: After turning down many invitations from my friend who plays in the band due to the “special” nature of my work/life conflict (they are one) I finally trudged along to Wyndham street … Continue reading

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HSBC Edging Closer to Stone Age

If anyone was in doubt of the increasing uselessness of HSBC (and probably all other banks) – I mean apart from them closing down branch after branch while employing people solely for the purpose of standing at the entrance going … Continue reading

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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Third World Local Bank

Went to the bank today. I never go to the bank and now I know why. Over the last two or three years HSBC (don’t know about other banks) has changed into this third world bus station waiting room. There … Continue reading

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HSBC Shows Its True Face (Grammar Hour Again)

Ah, HSBC. The world’s local bank – except it’s closing down about two outlets or branches or whatever, every day. But I suppose it’s local in the sense that it assumes that for example 95-year old illiterate women picking up … Continue reading

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