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Minor Rape Jihad

‘Asian men,’ (read: muslim men of Pakistani origin) are “raping British girls as young as 11,” or “grooming them for prostitution” – take your pick. Several years after this scandal, or shock, or ‘no surprise for anyone who has any … Continue reading

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Let’s Cut To The Chase:

Just after the turning of the year I optimistically posted an entry titled “Things I want for 2011″. Because it became a bit long-winded, I felt five things would be enough. I therefore called it “Part 1.” Since then I’ve … Continue reading

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Lifelong Atheist Goes to Church

Bugger me if I didn’t go to church on Sunday! For the first time since … nobody can remember that far back. But not to, you know, go to church. It was night and I went to St.John’s Cathedral in … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia, Iran on Human Rights Council????

It’s hard to think how the world can be more upside-down than it is now, where it seems the worse a country behaves, the more it is feted and kowtowed to by so-called democratic countries. As usual the eloquent Pat … Continue reading

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(Yet) Another European Not Allowed to Quote Koran

Rejoice! Another fantastic salvo from Pat Condell, saying aloud what so many Europeans and other supporters of free speech around the world are thinking but dare not say, terrified that they’ll be facing a lengthy prison sentence if they exercise … Continue reading

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A Charming Reminder from the Religion of Peace:

I’d like to think that at least some of the people occasionally reading my blog are what I and a couple of other people “like me” should be counted as “people like us.” What do I mean by that expression, … Continue reading

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Start The Day With Some Light Beating

Begin as you mean to go on, that’s what I say! From our friends the tiny minority of the religion of peace: today we bring you the long awaited recipe for how to beat your wife. And not only long … Continue reading

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Just a little update from the religion of peace, taken from the website of the same name. As of today, there have been 15,999 deadly terrorist attacks in the name of islam since September 11th 2001. I’m sure we’ll see … Continue reading

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I Am A Total Racist

I have a vice. Yes, people, a guilty, stinking VICE! After I stopped shooting up mary-hooana as well as crossing the street on red light after I got fined $300 for “jaywalking” (sounds like “joyful walking” doesn’t it) in Central … Continue reading

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Pat Pat Pat-hological Truth-Teller

Here is the latest from my man Pat Condell, the funniest truth-teller on the block. If you’ve ever used the word “islamophobic” not as a joke, to describe someone who is afraid that their daughters in the future may get … Continue reading

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