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Your Travel Tool for the Mainland

Three months of work are finally over and the result is a 114 minute travel, language, transport and accommodation guide to the Silk Road including Kazakhstan, and, well, anything in China really. The premiere was last night in the venerable … Continue reading

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Damned Busy Working For Motherland

Damn – I’ve done it! I’ve gone and betrayed my love, the Cantonese language. Well, all I’ve said about it is true and right, and it is my beloved language number 1A. It’s just that … I can’t jolly well … Continue reading

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Daytrip to Tibet

Not far from Lanzhou, transport and travel hub of the north, is the small town of Xiahe, dominated by the large and imposing Labrang Monastery. Last time I went there the main drag (the only drag, really) was being dug … Continue reading

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Ah, Lanzhou!

Despite the charms of the Chinese train and that to travel hopefully (and painfully) is better than … not at all, it’s always good to arrive when the destination is beautiful Lanzhou. It’s the most polluted city in China, possibly … Continue reading

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Don’t Joke On The Stairs

People: Bugger me down if I haven’t written a new book! Mind you it’s five years since the last one so it’s about time. The launch is soon, and everyone’s invited. details later …

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Becoming Addicted

Ahhrghh, three days without internet access! Well, there was an internet cafe in the little town of Xiahe (summer river) but I just didn’t have time to go there. The day after we left I was told that the water … Continue reading

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This could never happen in Hong Kong. No, not some geezer talking on his mobile you berk, but sticking up in the middle of a four-lane highway with only a single traffic cone for protection. The place is lovely Lanzhou, … Continue reading

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Lanzhou My Beautiful Internet Connected City With a Corpse

    For anyone who has read even one of the posts below, I don’t need to describe my relief at getting out of police/military dominated Xinjiang and into mellow, Chinese (no glaring muslims) Lanzhou in Gansu where you can … Continue reading

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Back In The Saddle, Chug-Chug

Not bad for a day and a half on the train! Well two nights and one whole day. But I mean if I should have walked or roller skated or whatever people do for “charity” these days, anything rather than just … Continue reading

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A Terrible Disappointment Before Home

Xining turned out to be an exact copy of Lanzhou, only with more beggars. The area used to be part of Tibet before the Chinese decided that Tibet HAS always, IS and WILL always be a part of China, and … Continue reading

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