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From Cradle To Street

Let’s take a break from all the crap in the world and check out some Norwegian musicians. I used to baby-sit the one with the string instrument, Andreas Aase. Have a good Sunday!

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Oslo Massacre

When the first news about the bombing of Oslo’s government building came in via a text from my sister which fortunately, or in retrospect probably unfortunately, woke me up, I immediately posted an angry blog entry about jihadists. The Norwegian … Continue reading

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Why I Live Here

A couple of weeks ago one of my readers commented on … something I wrote about … something, asking why I didn’t live in Norway, seeing it’s so beautiful and all, and people are so real. I have given this … Continue reading

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Norway I

Oh China, my lovely China, why art thou so … lame sometimes? About a month ago I received an email from NRK, the Norwegian equivalent of BBC, saying they wanted to come to Hong Kong to make a documentary about … Continue reading

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New, Mild-mannered Me

I can’t remember the last time I wrote something disparaging about the Hong Kong government. Must be because they are now perfect and devote their time to serving Hong Kong people instead of just enabling the three guys who own … Continue reading

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Wei hey people, dudes, bints, everybody everywhere. Here are some photos from Norway. It’s a place called Røros which is a world heritage site. People live in all these houses which are being done up, paid for by the Nog … Continue reading

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Differences – Causes To Wonder

Here are some of the differences between Hong Kong and Europe (“Europe” meaning Norway and a tiny piece of Britain called Heathrow) as noticed through a haze of zen-like indifference during my sojourn to Trondhjem, Norway, 13 to 23rd of … Continue reading

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Save Time! Put Two Proverbs Together!

One bird in the hand is better than two in the bush, OR as we say in Norwegian: better than ten on the roof. See how Norwegians think bigger, proverb-wise? So that means that two birds in the hand must … Continue reading

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