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Good And Evil Summed Up In One Short Segment:

Do you still think USA and Israel are the evil enemies of freedom in the world? Do you think Islam is good, Christianity bad? Do you think honour killing, female genital mutilation, hanging homosexuals from cranes, attacking and killing people … Continue reading

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10 Things I Want for 2011, Part 1

This is Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, Iranian woman about to be stoned for adultery. After a lot of world outcry and condemnation, however, the Iranian government is now pondering a more lenient sentence: Hanging. For adultery. You can’t call them cold and … Continue reading

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HK Signage Ideas Dominate Globe?

“Signage”. Don’t you love it? I think it all started in China ages ago, this “If you write it big and hang it up, it’s true” thing. “The grain output is increasing by 200% without work!” “Mao is the creator … Continue reading

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Safety at Last

I keep thinking about the, what I first of all thought was a thigh bomber because of a computer generated picture I saw in the Sunday Times. In it, this geezer seemed to be fiddling with something on his thigh, whereas … Continue reading

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This Week’s Weirdest Bribe?

Obama, Obama, Obama day and night. Apart from getting a totally undeserved Nobel’s peace prize; I’m really ashamed of my fellow countrymen the Norwegians there (guess how many people on the committee are of “middle eastern descent” though) it seems … Continue reading

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China and US Agree On Letting Each Other Off The Hook

Whoops, did I say that? Naw, it was just my first reaction to today’s big front page news about China and US signing “pact to reverse climate change.” Wah, incredible! And so great! I initially thought. Now we can soon … Continue reading

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A Sign Of Madness

Einstein said that a sign of insanity is doing the same thing again and again, expecting a different result. Anyone who’s ever had a hangover (more than once) can drink to that, as can the people who keep believing what … Continue reading

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Home, Home And Arrange

Ah! Back in Pui O where the deer and the … buffalo …? I keep forgetting those songs from primary school. There’s a reason for that. Yes it’s good to be home for one reason: In Hong Kong I never … Continue reading

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