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Perfect Weather Conditions

I was just walking down to the beach the other morning thinking that life is sometimes unbearably dull, when this fog came hurtling out of nowhere. It started with a kind of white blanket hovering just above the ground, but … Continue reading

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Hoarse, Braying Laughter

Thanks to everyone who enquired about Piles my dog’s health: Just two days after his last blood-squirting (from rectum) he was back to normal – better than normal in fact. It seemed the poisoning or whatever it was had worked … Continue reading

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Sick, Boy! Piles’ Journey from Bulimia to Anorexia

A few months ago I wrote happily about how I had cured Piles my dog from the fur-losing allergy he had developed to crap dried dog food. A diet of pork, broccoli, carrots with a sprinkling of garlic gave him … Continue reading

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Self Medication

Behold my dog Piles. As dogs go, he has so far completely failed to live up to expectations. He’s not a babe magnet; on the contrary Chinese guys scream and run when they see him. He’s not my best friend; … Continue reading

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Randøm Bøckets

Beauty comes in many forms, but plastic isn’t normally one of them. But with the right light, the right beach and the right dogs, even these mundane objects can have their day in the sun.

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Wintertime and the Living is Easy

                Cow.                     Dog.                         Poo. Yesterday was another spectacular day in sleepy backwater … Continue reading

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Silly Season … With Animals!

The “silly season,”  a time where nothing’s happening and newspapers have to resort to “Cat stuck in tree for several minutes” type of news to sell copies, is called “cucumber time” in Norwegian. For obvious reasons (people use cucumbers to … Continue reading

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Lo Dock

Ah, those water buffalo of sleepy backwater Pui O, Lantau Island! They’re a source of daily joy. Or a daily source of joy? Yesterday morning I was treated to the impressive spectacle of their elaborate pre-foreplay, called Get Rid Of … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning. Rain.

Dog walking has many benefits apart from the exercise and the chance to pick up a lot of dog poo with your bare hands. Walking around trying not to die of boredom, I sometimes come across stories. Here is one … Continue reading

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Piles, Piles, my Beloved Anal Affliction (What Came First, the Pain or the Arse?)

They say that you shouldn’t punish a dog after it’s done something wrong because it won’t be able to make the connection. It will think you’re punishing it for coming when you call etc. They say that dogs have no … Continue reading

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