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Sleepy Backwater Pui O Gets New Restaurant

After lying dormant for a long time, the eating establishment on Pui O beach has new owners, a new look and a new name. Mavericks. I thought the name was because the owners see themselves as something of a maverick, … Continue reading

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Sound Plus Distance Equals Unbearable Noise

A charming vista: Pui O Beach at dusk, complete with … shower curtain? in one of my favourite colours. Yes, summer is well and truly here, and with it, the never-ending announcements screamed from the Alcatraz-like watchtowers on the beach. … Continue reading

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This was the view from my roof yesterday. Ah, what a day! Then this morning: The Weather Is Coming 1 The Weather Is Coming 2 Love it! Clears the air, greens the grass, lifts the spirit. Then throws it into … Continue reading

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Perfect Weather Conditions

I was just walking down to the beach the other morning thinking that life is sometimes unbearably dull, when this fog came hurtling out of nowhere. It started with a kind of white blanket hovering just above the ground, but … Continue reading

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Dogs I Know II

Yes I know more dogs than people now. At least in Pui O. Strange, because I vastly prefer people to dogs! Even my own excellent ones, notably Lasi, named after a Chinese card game. Piles is of course a pain … Continue reading

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The Bluest Day of the Year

I swear this hasn’t been photoshopped! Just put the camera on “vivid.” What a day. I like this blue stuff. And Pui O delivers the goods as usual. And so does the po-po (grandmother) above. 85 years old, eyes white … Continue reading

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A Perfect Day By The Sea, 14 September 2010

Nothing beats Pui O beach a summer’s day. It’s pretty good in winter too. All year round, really. I love Pui O. I love water buffalo. I love trees. I love grass. I almost love walking across grass and getting … Continue reading

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Poo and Literature

You know I’m not squeamish (because I’ve said so many times) but when the woman in the photo started stirring a cauldron full of intestines, holding them up and letting them drop back down, while the unmistakable smell of POO … Continue reading

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Charming Mist

So I was so happy on Sunday, right? The dense fog had finally left the beach and there was some kind of sun in the sky. So what if it was a bit misty? Then I received this email yesterday … Continue reading

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Pui O Beach At Dusk

“Do they know it’s Christmas time … la la la la, do they know it’s Christmas time …at all”

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