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Yep, I play the banjo now. Ish. It all started like this: I have to say though, I find it extremely puzzling why the sub-editor at a reputable paper like the South China Morning Post would change the last sentence … Continue reading

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My Column

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Fung Shui Takes New, Surprising Turn (Warning: Contains comments which may be construed as not culturally sensitive)

Now … now I’ve seen it all. No, actually, of course I haven’t. There’s still lots and lots more to see, I sincerely hope. But, you know. Now I’ve seen a lot more! is what I wanted to say. As … Continue reading

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One World, One Dream – Dream On!

Nobody in our modern, hectic world can be expected to remember what happened last week, let alone several months or even a year ago. Or perhaps it was even longer than a year ago that Beijing promised that this year’s … Continue reading

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Dead Children II

I keep thinking about the photo of dead children from the earthquake in Sichuan which South China Morning Post showed – now all of three days ago; meaning it’s more or less forgotten in our fast-moving world. For me the most … Continue reading

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Mayday! Mayday! Work Ahoy!

Happy 1st of May, the International Workers’ Day. Now that Hong Kong is communist with some social skills, I mean some psychopathic tendencies, no I’ll say that again, communist with decidedly un-communist characteristics, we of course, like the rest of … Continue reading

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The Truth About South China Morning Post

A couple of days ago, in the middle of reading yet another dreary SCMP article about boring old Edison-boy and his many consorts, I found the truth about SCMP at last. It is written entirely in Chinese and then translated … Continue reading

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