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Don’t Joke On The Stairs

People: Bugger me down if I haven’t written a new book! Mind you it’s five years since the last one so it’s about time. The launch is soon, and everyone’s invited. details later …

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Reasons To Be Cheerful

Ah! Another beautiful sunny day in sleepy backwater Pui O – a new week in a new year; a new decade no less. On days like this I really feel life is worth it, yes I feel downright happy to … Continue reading

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Dead Children II

I keep thinking about the photo of dead children from the earthquake in Sichuan which South China Morning Post showed – now all of three days ago; meaning it’s more or less forgotten in our fast-moving world. For me the most … Continue reading

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Rabid Helpers

Ah, Sichuan! The larder of China and with a cuisine that can make a grown man cry and a rabid anti-cooking fiend like me enjoy cooking. If I don’t cook Sichuan food every day, how will I be able to … Continue reading

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