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Powering On

Before leaving Hong Kong I was a little concerned that we wouldn’t be able to find proper Sichuan food (after all, two towns in Guangdong province suffer from this most terrible affliction: A lack of Sichuan restaurants) but fortunately on … Continue reading

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You Know You’ve Arrived When …

… you have more than one colander? Yes, that too. As a Sichuan cook, I find I need more than the disintegrating blue plastic colander I’ve had since 1989 when I didn’t even do cooking. Last year I got a … Continue reading

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Dumplings and the URA

Today I had another booking for a dinner at my illegal personal rooftop Sichuan restaurant. Although it’s not strictly winter, I decided to give the people coming all the way from Discovery Bay an extra treat: Dumplings. I was smiling … Continue reading

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Boredom Drives Woman To Drink … Evian

I can’t believe I’m bored again! I started this blog to force my life to be more interesting, but after this summer’s trip to Xinjiang where I was excitingly arrested for having hairspray, it’s been mostly downhill.  This “go to … Continue reading

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Human Nature – It’s A Wonder Innit

              I’ve never even pretended to have any insight into the human mind and its workings. Everything people say, do and think is a source of constant bafflement for me. But I know one … Continue reading

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My Beautiful Sichuan

The first time I went to Sichuan was in 2002. I spent a month teaching English in a village school, the kind of school that would have collapsed and all its students buried under rubble, if it had been situated … Continue reading

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A Recipe For Dis Easter

A lot of people knocking about here in HK and also on the mainland, seem to think that all things Chinese are only for or should only be undertaken by Chinese people. Take Chinese cooking. Saturday afternoon I had a … Continue reading

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