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Gul Jul! ( Repeat Christmas Extravaganza)

Ahhrghh where did November/December go? I was so busy making the mildly time consuming Stay Grounded, a total China guide book in film format complete with imperialist communist speech-language Mandarin! That’s right, there are no limits to what I’ll do … Continue reading

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Your Travel Tool for the Mainland

Three months of work are finally over and the result is a 114 minute travel, language, transport and accommodation guide to the Silk Road including Kazakhstan, and, well, anything in China really. The premiere was last night in the venerable … Continue reading

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Damned Busy Working For Motherland

Damn – I’ve done it! I’ve gone and betrayed my love, the Cantonese language. Well, all I’ve said about it is true and right, and it is my beloved language number 1A. It’s just that … I can’t jolly well … Continue reading

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Silk Road Manual trailer

I’m making a documentary/guidebook in moving pictures about how to get around on the Silk Road. Here’s a tiny preview.

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China Travel!

Wei, we’re on a massive trip through China by train and then into Kazakhstan. But? You ask. That photo looks suspiciously like Hong Kong? Er, yes. It was taken the day I had to go to Shenzhen via Tung Chung … Continue reading

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60 Years of Communism

                         I can just see the workers or administrators putting up this poster on a door near mine in the hotel where I stayed in Racist Shithole Kuche on … Continue reading

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Whoops I Went There Again

Having nothing much to do at 5 o’clock this morning I jumped in my clothes and raced out to Jiayuguan Fort to catch the morning sunshine. I had only planned for this day for one year and two weeks, the … Continue reading

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Hey Ho Hey Ho, It’s Off To Camels We Go

Oh hoi hoi hoi, I’m so excited I want to puke! I’m off to Xinjiang in a couple of hours and I’m going by train the whole way. Can you think of anything more fun, adventurous and romantic? Camels at … Continue reading

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