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Swine Flu Menace – It Never Stops. Unless You Let It

It’s no good being complacent about swine flu. Just as you thought you were safe, there it is again, sticking its slimy snout into our daily lives, tearing asunder the very fabric of society. People forget so easily, don’t they? … Continue reading

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Transport Department: A Branch of China’s Communist Party?

My war of emails with the Transport Department continues apace. I have written before about the incessant announcements on First Ferry driving passengers unable to shut them out, mad, and how the ten minute a day, twice a day orders … Continue reading

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Ask and Thou Shalt be Given a Satisfactory Answer

Some people are so cynical, don’t you find? They say “oh, what’s the point of doing anything, it all turns to shit anyway.” When it comes to being dissatisfied with the current administration, this cynicism comes out in full force. … Continue reading

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60 Million Pieces of Paper

have so far been used in the government’s valiant fight against the oink oink plague. Did I say 60? Hang on, that was at the beginning of last week, so it must be 65 million by now. 65 million pieces … Continue reading

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Revenge of the Scandi-avian Flu

O – oh, I’m an avian/I’m a Scandinavian, I’m a flu victim in Hong Kong … So ill …. quack quack … ill… Quack quack. Or indeed, oink! Don’t know if it was bird or pig flu I had this … Continue reading

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Human Nature Wins Again

Ever since Killer Porkie Plague hit town, crossing the border between Hong Kong and China has been almost as big a hassle as when foreigners and mainlanders had to go through the same passport check, which could take up to … Continue reading

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A Rare Moment Of Sanity

THANK GOD!!! the editors of South East Asia’s biggest sitting outdoor bronze English language newspaper, the South China Morning Post (as well as the entire HK government) must be shouting, after desperately fanning the dying embers of the non-existent flu … Continue reading

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Stop Press!!!! New Flu!!!!!! (You saw it here first)

It’s the press season for flu, and after digging hard and deep, the South China Morning Post has managed to come up with ANOTHER Chinese (That’s almost two in a country of 1.3 billion, people!) who may have been on … Continue reading

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Celebrating Another Narrowly Missed Death

Phew! That was close. After a week of nail-biting suspense with one whole person in HK having porcine related influenza symptoms it seems we’re now largely out of the woods. At least according to the South China Morning Post, which … Continue reading

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